CG is Recruiting

-=-Corrupt Gaming is Recruiting-=-

As of now, fangame development team Corrupt Gaming is looking for new and willing members to help with our current project: A Metroid fangame by the name “Corrupt: Assault”. Corrupt: Assault puts you in control of a Federation Trooper stationed on the BSL Research Station, and allows you to use full mouse aiming and use several different weaponry at your disposal. There is- of course- a more detailed story, but it has not been released yet.

-Want to join?-
Corrupt Gaming is currently looking for devoted spriters and level designers. CA’s engine is already fully functional and is ready for execution, but we are having many troubles with level design. If anyone is interested in joining, please post any questions or examples of your work here! We look foward to gaining some new members on the team, and progressing faster with the game.

-Current Members-

Lead Programmer:


Black Viper

Dark SA-X

this is the kind of reason why i wish i was a better programmer =/

i’ll work on not sucking and get back to you xDDD

<-Um…Wth happened here? lol it looks wierd :confused:

I donno if I qualify, but here be some work:

Character-wise, probably not. Enemies, still probably not. However, I can do some decent enviromental things.
Sorry about Jpeg, Photobucket be acting weird :confused:

If you ask me, which you haven’t, I’d say those environmental sprites don’t fit.
Like they’ve been ripped straight from a 16-bit game, the contrast is way off, and they look like they’ve been scaled up.
Whith a bit of work, though, they’d be quite good.