Chagi sprites!

yeah, let me show you my werdo zero mision recolored suit things:

And when I noticed that the ball shoulders on the last one looked (a litlle) like phazon, i decided to do the arm cannon phazon charged ^^:

yeah, I know its not the best, and again, I only recolored them!!

Since when does blue match orange? Ugly combination, no offense.

Wow, recolors. <_< Try making something edited. A monkey with a mouse could recolor :stuck_out_tongue:

no, he couldn’t >_<, it would be amasing if knew how to open paint =?

anyways, i tried to make a light suit out of the ZM gravity suit:

then again, I know it’s not the best…

Correct me if I’m mistaken, but isn’t it a given that the best way to start spriting is to recolour a few sprites before making your own?

thats how i started

Yeah Daz, most people aren’t expert spriter’s…

How does recoloring help you learn to sprite? You don’t change anything but colors. Simple edits are where you should start.

I made a werdo sprite, its 8-bit or 10 or 11-bit…, i dont really know!

but the flame ball is at least 8-bit

that looks kinda like a table with a tail shooting fire from its bum… but thats just me.

and what does this look like, a metroid?? :angry: :sweat: :imp: :angry:

Erm, actually it does… :sweat:

Not really, it looks like a table.

thank you EM, and @ on dragon and PF

Yeah that first sprite looks exactly like what Pink Floyd said and the second one is an impossible shape that looks like a table with a roof.

OK, the second one was a three second table thingy…!


Please do not take this without permision

It looks okay…

A little bit more originality on the charge version would be good…

A little more originality on the DESIGN, too. It just looks like an anorexic power beam. >_>

ing suit!!

I know the shading is a little bad!