Check these out

What do you guys think

Oh and also the one in my signature.

…You spelled “StealthBox” wrong on the Kenshin one.
Also the text color sort of clashes on the Snake one, and the second Samus one…
Kenshin also looks kind of jpeged up. D:

Pretty good for your firsts, though, I guess.

To be honest, as far as color schemes and designs, I don’t like any of them. The smash samus and MP3 samus look bad next to each other, and same with the Snakes. Kenshin wouldn’t look bad if he wasn’t “JPEGed” up.

Still, good for firsts.

Well I guess i should take some practice then lol.
Well I was learning some things from my brother and i made a new one for
Sol Badguy Comments plz.

Much better, but you need to use brushes a bit more strategically. That seems rather random. At least it isn’t just LOL LOOK I CAN USE FILTERS 8D though.

Also, they need borders.

Also, we HAVE a general sig thread.