Ok, I’m sure everyone knows about it, but has anyone looked at any recent pictures? Its kinda odd, being deadly, yet so pretty at the same time. From the tops of buildings, all you see is forest, with the occasional building poking out of the trees.

Even If you look at the reactor, In the chamber that melted down, the Uranium and such that melted have created a form called “Elephant’s foot”, because It looks like one. Yet, at the same time, If you got close to it, within a few minutes, you would recive enough radiation that you would die in an hour.

And try and keep the “This is why we shouldn’t use Nuclear Reactors” out of it.


Sorry, I lost it, just google it. (Can’t look now cuz I’m on a school comp)

Yeah, yeah, FINE.

Chernobyl is one of the most nature-friendly spots on Earth, because there aren’t any humans there. The radiation dosage that kills a person differs between animals (and I don’t think trees care too much at all… they can’t get cancer, can they? Of course some levels would still kill them, but they’re definitely more tolerant than humans.) and I’m sure it’s possible to select for radiation resistance on some level.
Evolution, bitches.


I do find that interesting, though…I’ll have to look at some pics. To Google/Firefox’s Search Bar!

Did you know that the Soviets built the containment rod tips (about 1 Meter) out of graphite? That, and the fact they were testing how little power they could use for safety, is what caused the melt-down. In other words, they were cheap idiots.

Ironically, the guy who designed the reactor died of radiation over-exposure, from visiting the melt-down site to often…

You should read this before writing shit like that.
Damn. We had radioactive shrimps in Sweden because of that.
And they weren’t cheap idiots. But you wouldn’t know anything about that because you probably don’t know anything about Soviet and communism at all.

And, of course, the fact that the material the control rods were made out of had nothing to do with the meltdown–it was that they ignored safety protocol and removed far more control rods than they were supposed to. But hey, that was a topic revival from four months ago. (Of course, for us, Chernobyl itself is a topic revival from 22.4 years ago.)

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Well, he is right in this case. Soviet Russia was one of the least cheap and idiot societies ever. People built quality things that lasted. That’s why they were the most powerful country on Earth for a while.

That’s true. But Zurginator didn’t learn that in school because he is an ignorant north american.
The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics wasn’t the bad guys that americans think they were.
The same goes for most of the germans.

USA have their own reality.
You must have noticed that by now.

As a Canadian I have every right to look back at this and laugh, and so i shall: hahahahahaha, now that that bit of sarcasm is off my chest, i can get to the main reason why we Canadians have the right to be arrogant about this: we make the best nuclear reactor on the planet and the Can-Do reactor (or whatever its called) did exist back then, the soviets were just too cheap, pompous and stupid to use it.

Best nuclear reactor on the planet? Last I checked, you guys had one University in your entire country, and no significantly funded science program. Maybe I’m thinking of the other Canada, though.
And what the hell is a Can-Do reactor?

@Syntax Man
Read this and this.

It’s called CANDU. CANada Deuterium Uranium.

how narrowmindedly American; 1 university? unsignifigantly funded science program? I can count four universities within like 700 Km of here 1: University of Calgary 2: University of B.C. 3: University of Lethbridge (sp?) and 4: University of shudders Edmonton

Funny that I’ve never heard of them. Name one Canadian Nobel Laureate from any of those.

well my friend did always say that average Joe Americans don’t know much beyond the bridge of your nose but i never thought that about any of you, sigh anyway I’m to lazy to look up about those…Nobel Laureates you seem to want but here are some links to the homepages of all 4 universities i just mentioned:
UAB <=apparently i got it wrong, its actually the University of Alberta but whatever

Okay, let me put it in context for you. The US has won 304 Nobel Prizes since the prize was introduced. Canada has won 17.

That puts you behind the US, the UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, and Austria.
You are NOT a country that focuses on science by any definition. No budding Bangladeshi scientist says “I want to study in Canada when I grow up!”