fuck me, I got an Ipod nano, a couple of music albums, Gears 2, and the new Eragon book, oh yeah i got the monty python “Holy Trinity” or whatever its called

Gears of War 2 is fun. You should try to play “Horde” with four friends. :smiley:

Syntax, I would have loved every single one of those… Except the nano because I have an 80 gig already. And even then, I wouldn’t have minded…

when i said fuck me it was in glee not any remorse, the only remorse that i feel this Christmas is that part of our family is isolated from the rest of us doe to some bullshit I don’t quite understand, I feel really bad about not getting them anything

And my reply was out of… jealousy, I guess =P
I figured it was a gleeful ‘fuck me.’…N82E16835100007

for all your thermal compound needs.



I made you a useless present. Click here.

I’m totally spoiled. I ended up getting all but one item on my list, which is a whole lot of stuff, plus more.

damn troid i didn’t get one thing on my list. i asked for a logitec mouse, a 260 NVidia, and either a solid-state disk or a raptor. and i received none of em :frowning:

oh well it was still a good christmas. So far i’m enjoying my german chocolate stocking stuffer. it’s gudddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

holy shit

mind >> blown

I got a Wacom tablet, DJ headphones, a big book full of Edgar Allan Poe’s stories and poems, another big book full of Ansel Adams photographs.
A very good stash if I do say so myself.

i got 3 things on my list, one good thing not on it, a bunch of gay clothes, 2 ok shirts, one really gay bible thing, and some book called “do hard things”

and that is indeed what she said

3 things i got on my list were
Hellsing 9
Left 4 Dead
new copy of FF8

and the epic MP3 player is the not on list item ;D

in just those 4 items, i am sedated

but those 2 books, WTF?!
do hard things? please, i rape on Left 4 Dead, THAT IS HARD xDDD
(ignore the fact that hard things could be dicks)
(which i will not do)


i already finished reading Helling and now im sad, Alexander Anderson is dead
Yumi is dead

but Pip was shown again, so it ok

course he only showed cuz Seras is getting her ASS KICKED xDDD

aaaanyway, im somewhere near the end of disc 2 on FF8
one campaign on normal left on L4D
(then onto the harder modes ;D)
and i figured out how to put vids on my mp3 player ;D

all in all, a good chirstmas

even if i didnt get the Headcrab <_<

“Do Hard Things” is one of the best books I have read in a very long time.

It’s about how society views teens, and tells how they’re underestimated and mistreated. I highly HIGHLY recommend it!

That’s what she said.

i beat you to that

@Infinity’s End
underestimated and mistreated, maybe my mum should read it instead of me

shes a psycho BITCH

Huh. I didn’t get a single damn thing on my list. So much for “Chrono Trigger”… Though I guess an iPod instead of a CD player is an improvement. And the random but totally awesome pool table/airhockey makes up for the lack of Crono-on-the-go, hells yeah!

Oh, and “The Monty Python Flying Circus 16-Ton Megaset”.


Wow, I enjoy the cologne. I SMELL BETTER THAN ALL OF YOU

i got some pheonix axe spray
so i smell decent enough xP


well i have Left 4 Dead
i win

Well I have a glowing computer. What now? :stuck_out_tongue:

Does your glowing computer smell good? No it doesn’t. Even if it does, I smell better. And dead people smell bad, so I smell better.