Color Limit on Sprites

Does anybody know the color limit for sprites in GameMaker 6, assuming that it is

running at 32-bit colors?

umm i dunno, but perhaps 32 bit? >_>

:confused: I think 24 not sure

I’m guessing it’s 32-bit colors considering that you have it set to 32-bit… And I’ve lowered the colors to 16-bit before in my fangame and that doesn’t look nearly as good as 32-bit (probably because my fangame is 3-D, and I was using fog at the time, so it had to round all the colors while still keeping 60fps). I think that’s enough given information to figure out that 32-bit is the max.

But it’s not like it really matters or anything. With sprites, if you change them to 16-bit correctly, the color change is not enough for the human eye to notice without very close inspection. That is if you’re using real sprites.