Command And Conquer

I just played CnC Generals a few min Ago, And I just remembered how awesome it was. Thoughts?

Just finished Renegade. I like it, but the main character is too stereotypical of a war hero. Come to think of it… all the characters are over dramatically stereotypical.

Gameplay is good though, but even easy mode is damn hard in places. (Escort Dr. Mobius through the biggest laser battle of the century! Arrg!)


Renegade is amazing, RA2 is sextastic, Generals is fuckawesome, and C&C3 is a piece of shit. Have yet to try RA3 though.

RA2 is probably my favorite.

Amen. On what are you playing the others? Console, or 360? Also, what mods do you guys use for generals? I’m running Shockwave .95 at the moment.

console or 360?

360 IS console…

PC >_>
No mods <_<

Red Alert 2 is awesome win. By far my favorite.

I love doing quick matches and setting myself up against three really hard enemies on the Wild Animal Park map. I think that one had the most oil derricks to capture, and if you did it just right you could rake in the big bucks and build a massive super omega base.

I have RA3 though, and that game is pretty fun … Have not played too much of it though. It really is just like RA2 with ‘better’ graphics, and crazy Japanese guys.

As to the whole console thing, yeah. I meant the 360. I’ve played the first tiberium wars as a mod for Generals, Never played red alert though. Seen people play it.

I’m not a huge fan of C&C, I have tiberium wars on my 360 because a friend told me that it was fun, yeah not so much.