Computer Amps

So my dad is doing some wiring and we need to figure out how many Amps his computer is pulling.
I looked at the PSU AC input, and it said 10A/5A…WTF does that mean?

10 amps maximum on a 110-volt circuit; 5 amps maximum on a 220-volt circuit. You can also check the wattage on the side of the power supply, but I guarantee you’re using less power than it says there. You probably have a 500-watt-or-less power supply and the amps it says where you read it doesn’t really matter.

(Amps times Volts = Watts.)

K, we actually figured it out, but thanks anyways. :smiley:

I have no idea what psu I have, nor can be bothered to open the case :confused:

It’d be kinda useful to know though.

Currently have a 550w PSU.


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400 =D
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Eh, I don’t so much care, it’s obviously working fine for my compy.

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VEGETA… what does the scouter say about his power level?

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