Controller Button Re-mapping application

So there exist programs to do nearly everything you can imagine, so why is it that if i spend an hour sifting through Google results I can’t find one?

to clarify: I mean that I need a program that changes the way the computer interprets the function of a button on a controller e.g. i press button 1 but with this program the computer thinks its button 2.

Do any of you know of a program like that?

that emulates key presses with a controller, and I have J2 for that, what I need is something that remaps controller inputs to different buttons on a controller since the game I’m trying to play has some issues with customizing that >_>

You can’t set it up to use a keyboard instead and use that program to map the buttons to keys? As far as I know, unless someone writes a special joystick driver, it’s not possible to emulate joysticks. I’ve tried it before…

My logitech controller came with software like that <_<

could you…perhaps…pass that on?

It’s on the logitec website, but they’re designed to work only with logitec drivers and controllers, so I doubt you can get it to work…

I have a logitech controller, it just so happens that the controls for one game are retarded on both my rumble and 360 controller, but after much greif I dound out what the keyboard input for the control is so it’s all good

Either way, the software is nice to have. I believe it was called…

shit, what WAS it called… Let me go check.
Wingman, perhaps?

Either way, go to the logitech website, PC gaming, gamepads, then find your controller. Once you find it, click support on the right side somewhere, then click downloads on the next page.