Converting MOV to WMA

I need a free (virus free) program that can convert MOV. files to WMA files. I’ve been recording Brawl matches for a combo video I’m making, but my camera only records to MOV files, which I can’t open in Movie maker and Edit.

Does anyone know of a free, safe program I can use?

edit: WMA not MP3 haha.

Mp3 is music.
Why would you want to save your match as music.

Well… However you want to change it, download Super C

It can convert just about any media file into any format.
.mov to animated .gif
.avi to .mp3 (Audio only.)
.mov to flash…

It can do it all!

Whoops, my fault, I meant wma. >_<

WMA is windows media audio.
You mean WMV, right?
Feeling lucky on google.

I was gonna say that! Go with SUPER.

RAWR you guys know what I mean. >_>

Thanks a lot everyone. :slight_smile: