I choose Ganon(dwarf)!


im saying she’d be an epic final boss xD

Greatest boss ever? So easy. Mike Tyson. From Mike Tysons punch out!!!

The lich king. either that or c’thun.

inb4 WoW


and the litch king? srs?

an mmo boss?

MMO bosses are often easier because of the nature of coordinating 10-25 people.
…And then they’re almost always harder to defeat because half of those 10-25 people are idiots who can’t dodge basic shit with ample time to do so.
That said, Arthas is still an epic boss, but it’s got nothing to do with the fight, or even most of the shit IN the WotLK expansion.

Coolest final boss? Nothing from Mass Effect, sadly.
I want to say Sigma, but he goes up and down in coolness with every MMX game. not to mention he gets repetitive after a game or two. Juuust like Wiley.
I actually enjoyed fighting Ansem from KH1, since it was actually hard and the fight was kinda cool, but I’d never try to say that Ansem was actually a cool boss.

Man, lots of awesome games have shitty final bosses… DMC4, MM, ME…

GladOS. Even if she was super easy.

i love GLaDOS

Fine, so maybe I capitalized the wrong letters.

i wasnt pointing it out, i was agreeing xD

GLaDOS is winsauce

oh, whats that?
what is that?
that thing has numbers on it!
where are we going?

I would argue that DMC4s final boss didn’t suck, it just wasn’t met well because its basically a harder version of an earlier fight. Furthermore I would argue that that fight was pretty fun (especially if you know the best time to use DT)

that said I would argue that the Savior is the real final boss, given that Sanctus pt 2 is the same as pt 1 with some new moves…and the fight with the savior is awesome.

and what is MM?

I meant as far as “cool” final bosses are concerned. Sanctus isn’t a very cool boss, even if the fight isn’t that bad.

MM is Megaman. Again, Wiley isn’t a very “cool” boss, even if the fights are interesting.

i must say i did love fighting prime…

till its shell broke… =[

Other: See avatar. :stuck_out_tongue:

For the choices listed, I’d say Dracula. Specifically Norio Wakamoto Dracula. Nothing was ever more badass.

he makes anything epic, nowadays though whenever I hear his voice I can’t help but think of this song

Hahaha, I completely forgot that he played the emperor in CG.


I like ganondorf the best
because his been in alot of legend of zelda games
and he gets more easier :smiley:>