We’ve all heard about it, now how many have played it?

Also, if you are working on a mod/level, you can post it here.


I played it on max settings for a few minutes. Super pretty!
I didn’t bother playing after that though >.>
It failed to captivate me with the really shitty and cliche dialogue and intro.

Yeah, the Intro and Ending are pretty bad…the rest is awesome though.

Map update:

The actual gameplay has been badmouthed by people, but I dunno why. It’s CryTek, people! By far the best developer in it’s genre (Sort of open-FPS), and really only rivalled by VALVe in FPS’ anyway. I disgress, send me that map, Zurg :stuck_out_tongue:

No, there is a massive amount that still needs to be done.



  1. What are you running the game on? High> Very High?
  2. PC Specs plz.
  3. Framerate. What is it on average.
  4. Crysis or Crysis Wars?
  5. MSN so we can play Power Struggle together plz. I own, so don’t worry.

Christ, every time I see Crysis, I forget that it’s actually a video game and not a movie or something. Graphics don’t get more epic than that.


  1. I have the Ultra High mod, so greater than Very High.
  2. GTX 260 OC’d to 620/1300/2300
    2Gb DDR2
    Athlon 64 x2 @ 2.8 Ghz
  3. 25 FPS, which for some reason is increadably smooth. I think it’s how Crysis works, because I usually find that unplayable. :confused:
  4. Crysis
  5. N/a, AIM: ZURGlNATOR (the ‘I’ is actually a lower case L…)

Oh, I normaly get 60+ fps on this level.

Crysis feels much smoother at low FPS’ because the motion blur isn’t just calculated between frames. It’s more noticeable on my card, if I put, say, shaders to high, I’ll get about 5fps, and can see the motion blur isn’t just straight lines, but changes direction based on how your sight actually moved since the last frame.

I’d trade that knowledge for a card so good I didn’t know that, though :frowning:

I tried to play warhead on a PC with an all in wonder 2006 PCI eddition and I got between 60 and 5 FPS according to Xfire
on minimum settings


That’s like trying to play hl2 on a toaster, though :stuck_out_tongue:

'Nother update:

I may have to tone down some vegetation…it’s starting to hurt performance…though it’s still rather good.

i lol’d

Not quite, I think source is optimized to the point that it will run on a toaster…


true that

but the all in wonder 2006 isn’t all that bad, I mean it has pixel shater 3.0 and it has 512megs and a pretty good gpu

the problem is that its amazingly finicky

I’ve got a 2.6 Duel Core (OC to 3.0), Vista Home 32bit, 3 GB RAM, and 9800GTX+. This damned game runs terrible no matter what settings I have it on. I can never get a constant 30 FPS. It’s always like 20 and below whenever I play. Fails big time.

Still, post the map when done and I shall download.

the only plus to crysis is the graphics… otherwise the story and gameplay suck D:

Story, yes, but gameplay? Fuck no.

Crytek are good at 2 things: Graphics, and gameplay. Far Cry was beautiful for it’s time, and played great. So did Crysis.
Though admittedly it’s a tad easy on hard, which is why you play on Delta <_<

Delta makes the game like a stealth game…I’ve had enough of forced stealth sections in other FPSes so I think I’ll stick with MGS and Theif for my stealth gaming