i was excited when i got this game, now i want to BREAK IT IN HALF xD

errors i’ve faces

  1. invincible enemies
  2. stuck in the floor
  3. energy not recharging
  4. guns not reloading
  5. helicoptors spawning and then just staying right there
  6. crashes at the end of chapter “Assault”
  7. VTOL doesnt land on cruiser to pick me up after killing Alien Exoskeleton

there were more but i cant remember them all

This is like the third topic we have called “Crysis”, and it happens to be a game. GAME. GAMING forum.

l2read plox

yeah, i miss-clicked xD

ALWAYS give Psycho his money on time.

The second I heard Stewie’s voice, I started laughing.

Nice one, Zurg.

Man, that guy did NOT have it on good settings. XD