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Then argue a different point, and give me an argument I can argue against XP I have nothing to say to that, lol. When you use that definition, then I agree with you. I meant that not every individual is war-like or physically violent in nautre (or at least in general), which I still believe, but that just doesn’t apply to your argument.

not what i was implying
let my clarify

a single person CAN be intelligent
but in a group irrational behavior can over throw even the best of logic

a single person CAN be non-violent
but in a group, well, “mob effect”

People are dumb. People buy Sham-Wows. They believe anything they see, especially on the news. Some people are smarter, but not enough to make a difference in a group of people.

I can see where this topic is going already…

Nowhere fast, amirite?

Really though, you should’ve seen the old debate topics!

I’ve seen groups do things like… dance! Or applaud! Or write the code for Mozilla Firefox 3.0.6!
Not stupid or violent. :frowning:


can is the key word
you will notice it in all the sentences xD
but stupidity is more readily avalable to a group of people
irrational thinking can spark some devastatingly stupid things

burning witches for instance <_<

“if she weighs as much as a duck, she must be made of wood”

Why did you distinguish between a single person and people, then?
Both of them CAN be stupid and violent by your definition, and CAN be smart and kind.

In my eyes, stupidity and violence are more readily available to a group than to an individual.
One stupid person mixed in with a group of smart people can make the group, as a whole, do stupid things.
On an individual basis, the rest of the group wouldn’t do those stupid things, but one stupid person made X smart people do stupid things.

And, well, I see violence in a similar light. It takes one violent country to fuck up the world.

I think that mob stupidity comes from the fact that every person is stupid on average. The more people you have, the closer you get to the average…

Aye, this is true. But the examples you pointed out are not examples of mob stupidity. More like mob awesomeness. (er, depending on the dance… Although I don’t know if applauding or dancing requires a huge amount of intelligence.)

Fair enough. I agree with you, but with different definitions of terms :E