Custom cursors!

Hi everyone, i recently have learned how to make windows mouse pointer cursors and I am open to take requests! I hope to improve my spriting skills while doing so.

how to install:

1:click on the picture of a cursor you want to download to download it.
2:go to my computer.
3:open local disk c.
4:open folder titled: WINDOWS.
5:save cursor in folder called cursors.
6:go to control panel.
7:open mouse settings.
8:click on tab pointers.
9:click on browse.
10:search the previously mentioned cursor directory for the cursor previously saved.
11:click open and your done.
12:If you downloaded a cursor pack, then do all the steps except place the whole folder in the cursors directory.
13:to use all cursors in the pack simply replace all the original cursors with the new that have the same name. example: replace “help select” with metroid help select.


Hm… that cursor is begging to be animated.
It isn’t, is it?

I at one time had several Metroid Themed cursor packs.
Samus, Pirate, Metroid, Scanner etc… That I posted maybe here or on SCU way back when, if anybody still has them please upload them and put them here.
Daz, I remember you had the pirate scheme once, still have it?

actually, if you could tell me how to animate it I would be grateful. does it require a different program than “IconArt”?(that’s what I use) I plan on making a full metroid pack.

edit: the metroid pack is now complete and I have updated the instructions on how to install the pack. I also added a pikachu.

IconArt is what I used to make animated cursors…

okay, so how do I do it?