Czar's Sword Forge

I do that all the time.

i didnt rape the english language. i didnt know that was possible anyway.

lol mccoy my real name is mason.

Yes, you do. Your grammar makes babies commit suicide.

ok this my latest update. the directtions of the blade.

I can’t see it!

Yo grammah’s so bad, it makes my face burn. Lol.

And ya, i can’t see it either.

thats cuz i used up my daiyly alowence on ripway. it should be up soon. like tommorow or late today

Oh. There it is. It’s nice but why is it blury on the other…[size=2]poses[SIZE=1/]?

i dont notice any bluryness

He means the diagonal poses.

Exactly, hey where will the axis be on the rotation?

i dont think im gonna make a rotation unless u mean like the sword spinning like someone threw it? i’ll fix those blury ones, thx for letting me know.

Just what I meant.

ok i will fix the blur then i will make that rotation. then i will work on its 3 abilities.

cool. i was thinking i thought (I KNOW, I ACTUALLY THOUGHT THIS TIME!) lol, that you could add the blade like flaring up. that would be coolio!

fixed bluriness

nice. yes i do like your ideas.

Red Phazon, stop double posting. From now on I’m done with editing to splice them together. I’m just going to delete whichever one you likely want to keep the most, because you completely fail at listening. You also fail at listening to my threats about your pathetic attempts–or lack thereof–of using any form of grammar whatsoever. You sound like a retard. You also have an oversized sig. Again.

Your complete inability to deal with ANY rule infraction I point out is growing extremely irritating. One more, and I’m disabling your posting for a while. Got it?

Others: It may not look like he warranted this rant since I deleted said post due to his ridiculous multiposting nature, but he has been breaking rules right and left, despite being verbally warned repeatedly. So don’t go yelling at me for being abusive here, he has it coming.

And Dark Phazon slips by unnoticed… :neutral_face:

Que? What’s Dark Phazon?

Edit: Oh. Time to bring down the adminhammer of justice on another n00b, I take it? >_>