dangerous pets

like tomagachis
im not sure what else

currently this is just an idea in the back of my head ive always wanted to toy with

metroid would have choices to make during each evolution
making it so you could have a dark metroid, or a gamma, or other such evolutions/infusions
everything you feed it or surround it with causes side effects/mutations

idk, ive always wanted to raise a metroid xD

eh…cool idea, i guess, but you should see what the ads are doing right now, freaking hilarious

its… blank?

finish your other fangame first (i think it was aborted)

i always start something when i haven’t finished previous project and it always ends up in some dark corner of my hard drive which i never touch again…

lol, i have 2 already going xD
(Evolution and ABORTED!)
and like i said, this is just a thought
i wanted to see what people thought about my thought

its a good thought :stuck_out_tongue:

Rundas wants to add the red spotty thing from Pikmin
i forget its name xD

grub dog?

dunno =D
goes to google

yep, those xD