Dark Aether

Post your theories here. Mine is that it already existed, but in another dimension, and the meteor’s impact opened a gate to it. Close if dupe.

The meteor’s impact shattered Aether into two dimensions. The dark world did not exist until it’s impact.

I agree, but the phazon meteor crashed on the dark side and created the dark world and somehow, dark samus is involved(<—spells???)!

… Dark Samus was born at least 80 years after it happened. How the hell could she be involved?

why is it called DARK samus and why the hell dont the Ings attack it then?

i thought dark samus was mp…
AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! im confused!!!

… Because it’s a dark-colored, dark-natured version of Samus. And, er, they do. Remember right before you fight her in Sanctuary? She obliterates a group of Dark Pirates in a single shot after they fire on her ineffectively for a bit. I’d also like to point out that A) All “Dark”-named creatures due to the Dark WOrld are possessed. Samus is not possessed into Dark Samus, since they both exist at once. B) She’s listed in the scan book under Offworld, not under Darkling Offworld. Tallon IV is off-world. :stuck_out_tongue:

Magmoormaster: She is.

do YOU remember in the begining when you walk the portal and ds is there and shot the light crystal and commanded the ings to attack samus and she was pushed in to the light portal and came back to light aether and the portal disapperd?

(by the way, DS is a it, not a she!)

DS never commanded the Ing to attack Samus. They only went after Samus because DS shot the light crystal and Samus lost any protection she had from the atmosphere or the ing.

By the way, DS is a she. Even the guys who made the game says she is a she.

The scans frequently call her female. And yes, she worked alongside the ing at times, but she killed them at other times. :stuck_out_tongue: So your point is moot.

she work along the ings and kills the dark creatures… :O_O:

weird… :>_>:

I think the point Daz was trying to make is that as long as the Ing don’t try and interfere with her, she don’t really care about them. Remember the space pirate log about DS? She only attacked the pirates that interfered with her while she was trying to take their phazon.

Er, actually, the pirates had been attacking her the whole time, because they thought she was just Samus with a new suit, IIRC.

I cant see how the pirate think that Dark Samus is Samus Aran :laughing:

both have a chozo power suit maybe? :stuck_out_tongue: (yes, DS got the phazon suit)