dark metroid 16's sprites

Keep in mind I am a noob at spriting here is my first sprite ever please give feedback.

For a first sprite, it’s quite good! I like the glass shading, it looks neat, and the fire too. Apart from that, the car itself looks a bit plain, and the wheels are disproportioned. Try fixing it, that’s how you’ll improve!

agreed. and the tires look too big for the rims. try making both the tire and the rim bigger.

hows this

I made the weels bigger and made the flame more real

Now just needs shading.

When you say shading do you mean the yellow part because the rest has shading

Yes. And add a bit more detail like headlights, cooler rims, maybe a one of those things that goes on the roof, and doors. Hope that helps!

Increase the shading contrast a bit.

What do you mean by one of those things that goes on the roof

I don’t remember what they’re called. Something like roofscoops.

dude perfect idea. make the hood a bit longer and put a hood scoop. like on some mustangs.

like this one.

i guess the same goes for the roof scoop

here I changed the colour anded beter shading, added a mirror, a roof scope,a door, headlights ohh and I made the wheal deign much cooler

It is looking very good, but the outlines should be in very dark grey, not black.

hmmm. still doesnt look right. i think its the windows. they r too circular

Yeah, it’s a bit too round. And the shading still seems off. The outline is kinda blocky. Nice so far overall though, especially since it’s an early work.

I have two questions
1.What did you think of the contrast/ color scheme.
2. what do you mean by blocky and how can I fix it without resizing the image

Outlines should never contain a complete right angle unless there actually is a right angle there. You have a bunch of extra pixels that give that effect.
So instead of:

It should just be


If you don’t understand, I could whip up an example in Paint real quick, but hopefully that works.

I’m sorry but could you show me in paint please It would realy help

You should always do this with your outlines unless you want that particular spot to be a 90? angle.

You might want to add a little a little animation too. like the fire blowing or the sun on the windows. you might not be good enough yet too add animation but you should give it a shot if you wan tto get good at it.