DarkHunter16's Sprite Thread

Im not starting over cuz tits choppy, im starting over cuz i just dont like the way it looks. And beacause im gonna have to make my own starfox sprites since there are none avaiable so ill be doing that instead of custom robo.
Dont worry im not giving up, i just want to work on something i can learn
from and use in my game.

EDIT- OMG! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: I put tits! :laughing: :laughing: oh man, thats hot.

If something I made had choppy tits, I’d definitely start over.

…yes, choppy tits = bad, like the original resident evil models bad.

ha, yeah. Of course no polygons had much figure back then. lol, look at tomb raider.

Happy birthday!!!

Why? Cuz the lack of activity on this forum is murdering me slowly.

wow that was a big bump

Normally, I’d avoid such a massive bump, even on a birthday. And While I’ll probably be flamed for it, the recent slowdown on this forum has been REALLY bad for me. I find little or no motivation to sprite, and spend the majority of my internet time on Myspace (which is bad for you). Nonetheless, I really need some action around here.

I know, it’s not a good reason, but I hold my position.

Yeah, next time you feel to bump someones birth day, try THIS.

Dont worry, I’m aware of the topic. I just had to due to the lack of activity.