Data Storage

I had to leave “the cheap” out of the description due to length limits and coolness. :slight_smile:

So I had this nice 80 GB SATA hard drive that someone gave me (free). Its average read speed was about 53.7 MB/sec, and it took 32.5 seconds to load Grandville in City of Heroes.

Then I bought a lovely 750 GB SATA II hard drive for $95 on Newegg. Its average read speed is about 73.3 MB/sec, and it takes 24 seconds to load Grandville.

Both of these are disc hard drives, which have acceptable reliability for most purposes.

I’m looking forward to acquiring a 32 GB SATA II Solid State Disk (SSD) drive for $107 (after a $50 mail-in rebate and with $7 shipping) from Newegg. Its max random access read speed (can’t get an average read speed figure yet) is about 175 MB/sec. It should take about 10 seconds to load Grandville on this puppy.

It’s common to find 2,000,000 hour reliability guarantees on SSD drives, as they have no moving parts.

Also, the fastest hard drive I know of, the VelociRaptor, is shown to have about a 102 MB/sec average read speed.

Who’s thinking about getting a SSD? :slight_smile:

No one - they’re too expensive <____<
Also I liked it better before the red.

I didn’t think the statistics stuck out enough before the red. Now you can easily spot and read just them if you want. :stuck_out_tongue:

And they may be costly, but it’s great to get a small one for gamers who play the hardcore 3D games that take 2 GB+ HD space.

Additionally, the price has gone down a LOT since I last checked up on them.

Yeah, their price is dropping even faster than the Dow, but that just makes me want to wait a bit longer. Smart investing!

i’m siriously thinking about getting a raptor to put my games and OS on it.

solid state? maybe… but probably not. i dont want to pay so much for such a little amount of space.

just stick with Western Digital and it’s all good :smiley:

Solid state for games? You can’t just, like, wait?

Having said that, I’d love a 16GB one just for my OS.
Just think of the bootup times!!

I think it’ll be fun having the best of the best for the first time in my life.

The main complaint about SSD drives is the size…but seriously, why would you bother putting all your photos and other media on a SSD? Personally, I’ve never built a computer with fewer than 2 hard drives. It’s always one for speed and one for size.

speaking about speed… what about the SCSI drives? they go up to 15000 rpm. that’s a lot for a hard drive. access times of 3.4 mb/s.

It’s like you don’t read at all!

oops i thought lower was better for some reason xD

oh it is… i misread it it said 3.4 milliseconds, not 3.4 mb/s…

i read it’s just my brain sucks.


okay i have a question about multiple hard drives. I have one now (320 GB) with everything on it (OS included) if I got a new one (like a SSD or raptor) I would want the OS on that one.

Here’s what I’m thinking I should do:
connect new drive
disconnect old drive
put in vista
set boot disk to CD drive
run the setup

and now I’m stuck with 2 hard drives each with their own OS’s installed on them… do i delete system32 from my old one or what? I’m confused…

Well you could mail one to me…:stuck_out_tongue:
Because mine don’t seem to be working…:frowning:

Yeah, you could just delete the WINDOWS folder from one. That wouldn’t remove everything, but it’d be close enough… You’d have to make sure that you make your other one the master drive first though, so it boots the OS from the right disk. I recommend you figure out how to do that before you try and remove the OS from any drive.

Or you can download a GParted LiveCD and burn it to a CD and clone your original partition onto the new hard drive, assuming that the new one is bigger than or as big as the old one.

It doesn’t matter if you have multiple operating systems on multiple hard drives, though. My computer has Windows XP Home, Windows XP Pro, Windows XP Pro x64, and Debian Linux on it, and probably has a few copies of that last one among the 3 separate hard drives. :slight_smile:

lol that’s a lot of drives!

alright i’ll try tim’s plan because vista takes up a lot of space and i want as much free as i can get… (lotta anime = lotta space :frowning:)

Stop rubbing your damned lightning-fast hardware in my face.
I know my computer is slow.

My hard drive can store an astoundingly-large amount of 18.5 GB and runs at a lightning-fast speed of 215 KB/sec.

I also have an amazingly-clear graphics card with an incredible memory of 8 MB.

And don’t forget my completely-awesome 750 MHz processor with an insane 384 MB of RAM!


This is what eBay offered that wasn’t preloaded with Vista. $150, too.

Eeks o_o. Not that I dissaprove or anything, but relative to todays technology, that’d be a pain in the butt to do work on x_x.

Pay for shipping and I’ll send you another 20 GB hard drive free of (additional) charge!

I’ll take it. How much is shipping? (GA)