DEADED is so insanely,awesomely and simply cool.

That game sucked. I don’t think I’ve ever played a worse game.

…except for maybe “Metroid: Lacktation”…


I saw a kangaroo carcass the other day, and the smell it made, was not nearly as sickening as these games, sorry , maybe you should learn a few things about gamemaking before trying it, and get some good solid plots down, look at some other games, and try and learn from them.

Also for the love of god, please learn how to spell.


I think my computer got a virus from that game! Shit! I’m calling the police!

So is Deaded… Dead?

But if you got used to it… it is faster… i did that a few years ago but stopped it because it’s more unreadable then my text is now :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


"Grow up your shit"
Jesus christ, how Google translator can suck at times.

ow mah grammars hurt

You’re proud over five pages of complaint?

Sie sind Schei?e, wie Sie Ihr Spiel, wieder in ein paar Jahren kommen, wenn Sie die M?glichkeit, ein Gehirn wachsen gehabt haben

Archius sees, Archius understands, Archius trolls.

Wow, it made 7 pages allready… you did very well :smiley: (even if it’s all offtopic :stuck_out_tongue:… you made 7 pages xD)

Oh hey. Grammar exists in france to.

whoops, my bad
I always forget that french is spoken in Cananananada

Murder? THIS! IS! P2D!

Anyway. I shan’t ban him yet, because the post in its currently-edited state says nothing about cracks, and I can’t adminstrate on hearsay alone. I’ll check the logs in a bit.

Sorry I’ve been so away lately. Really just popping in to say “HI ME NOT DEAD”.

Fair enough.

I’m tentatively appointing Zurg as a moderator. Depending on how things go, he’ll be either promoted to admin if need be, or dropped back down to the miserable pile of secrets he once was.

I’m sure not everyone’ll be happy with this choice, but I’m currently unable to consult with the other administrators, so we’ll see where things go – but either way we need someone who can moderate in the meantime, and my work is keeping me damn busy. >_<

that lady looks like a dude

STFU liks on your high res

It’s on page 1 here… xD

ah, two page topics, so fun.