Death and Rebirth

So this last weekend, my computer decided it would be a great idea to suddenly stop working. After fiddling around with it for about a week, my dad and I found out it was the motherboard causing all the problems. So, in turn for my troubles, my dad bought my moneyless ass this. It’ll work until I get a job and move in with my mom to buy a new comp altogether.

However, I have a conundrum. I was using what felt like an ancient ATI Radeon X300 to try and get by on my PC gaming. Note that I don’t have any games after '08, so graphics aren’t that intensive. However, in my infinite wisdom, I considering just using the integrated chip that comes with the motherboard to help satiate my gaming crave until I can get enough money to scrap together a high-end machine.

So, since I can’t really buy a new graphics card at this time, what should I do? Keep using my X300 card, or just use the Nvidia GeForce 7025 integrated chip that comes with the motherboard?

Input needed/appreciated. :smiley:

Use the integrated, it should pull better if you install the right drivers and whatnot.

Then save and buy one of my 260s!

I’d vote integrated as well, it appears to be more powerful and better drivers = cool. In the meantime, save your spare change for a GT 9800 or 250. They’re pretty spectacular for a (relatively) low price point.

9800 GT sucks balls, and the 250 is no longer on my recommended list.

If you’re on a budget, go for a low end ATI 5xxx series card.

The 8800, the 9800, and the 250 are basically the same specs in slightly different architectures. The price difference is $10 each card, and the performance difference is what, 2-4 FPS?

The 5xxx Series are significantly more expensive, plus the drivers (And the open source Linux ones) have given me shit. Although, I have had my share of good experiences with ATI drivers… they’re just… moody. I am looking to upgrade it one soon, anyway, haha.

And although I hate to double post, I envy your rig, Zurginator.

There are $100 5xxx, the 58xx are the expensive ones. :wink:

The 9800 has 2 versions, GT and GTX. The GTX is still a decent card, and is what the 250 is based on. You recommended the GT, which sucks balls. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t recommend either due to Dx11 support in the 5xxx.

Just for fun:…0-470-_-Product

$70 5xxx. :stuck_out_tongue:

This one will out-perform a 250:…0-448-_-Product