Deja Vu (not the movie)

Hypothetically: One night you have a dream about being in some building with a person standing behind a counter and glass cases of food in front of them. The next day, someone tells you a new coffee shop opened. You go there, and the shop is the building from your dream, and the same person is standing the counter with food. Then you would scream and run, pretend nothing happened, hit on the casheir (It’s hypothetical so it doesn’t matter), or whatever else. This ever happened to anyone?

I once had a deja vu in WoW.

they happen all the time to me >.>

interesting fact - deja vu = already seen in french

I remember having a dream before where I followed a friend into his treehouse… I didn’t even know he really had one, and then I got stung by a wasp.

…it happened the next day. :\ lol

…Deja Vu is a glitch in the Matrix.

duh everyone knows that xD

I had one of those once. I met my neighbor in a dream before I met him the next day. He was evil, though, so it was kind of weird meeting him.

Also, the title/secondary title of this topic made me burst out laughing.

rofl, I didn’t notice that until you mentioned it.

I get Deja Vu fairly often, and my friend gets really crazy deja vu even more often than me… like, five minute long segments of deja vu.
One was when I first met my Intermediate Algebra teacher… everything from the slightly dirty glasses right down to the single hair sticking up and back from his head. I also remembered if I looked back there would be a specific student sitting in the back of the room. I looked back, and, well, there he was.
Another one is when I was driving over a bridge in Minneapolis and a biker was crossing the road onto the bridge wearing a red sweatshirt.
And another one is… the first summer after I moved into my new house, I remembered looking out the kitchen window while filling up a glass of water, looking at this specific tree… and at first there was nothing weird about it, I just figured I HAD done the same thing before. I got a drink and looked out at a tree.
…but then I remembered it was the first summer I had been in the house, so it wasn’t an old memory like I thought at first <_<

The last one was pretty strong deja vu and kinda amusing… I was laying downstairs on the L-shaped couch in the freezing cold, looking at my stepdad’s hats on the ceiling, thinking about how fucking ugly they are, shaking my head at the tan/pink hat, while saying a specific sentence to my girlfriend.
And THEN I got a second wave of it when I started saying “Woah, deja vu…“
Which really turned out more like “Woah, deja… what the hell! I just had deja vu about deja vu!!”
“I was looking at these hats-”

I once remembered a whole conversation I had in a dream, and when my friend started it in real life, I said the same things which made him say the same things. It was cool. Then I stopped in the middle of it and was like, “Whoa…”. He looked confused.

I get regular deja vu (no dreams involved) all the frickin’ time actually. It comes with being tired or stressed, and I’m usually both. It happens too commonly for me to pay any attention to it now… but the dream one was cool.

No, it’s d?j? vu. Accents are important, because you don’t want to mix up the word ma?s with the word mais.

No, you’re stupid and pedantic. Being civil is important, because you don’t want to come off as an asstwat.

welcome to the world of qwerty keyboards >.>

i do fairy well when writing french and remembering accents, but its too annoying to search for the special key copy program thingy on the computer

i have never ONCE had d?j? vu
the Matrix is rather perfected in a small town of zilch and old people i guess