I have windows XP. Ohh and I made a sprite but I cant figure out how to post it or any other files for that matter. I know this is a noob question but can someone please help


In the same board, too.

My first sprite I know its not that good but please give me feedback:

Not until you learn the meaning of “different boards exist for a reason”. It’s not demo related. It’s not FAQ related. It’s not even P2D related. What’s WRONG with you?

Ok I’m new here. I saw this site from EGM and decided to get on the forums because I’m part of SF2D and you guys are one of our affliates. I’m a spriter and I say… MACROMEDIA PRODUCTS! Why?
1.) Easiest way to make .gif pics
2.) Easiest way to draw (IMO)
3.) Easiest way to compile pic (asks you for res and a lot of other stuff)
If you do not have like 100000 bucks to buy Macromedia 8, buy an older version (I have Macromedia MX 2004 Pro) or use paint… but my point is:

ok wtf people! this is way off topic. i think daz should lock this…

As daz would say, WTF?!

Well, you’re obviously new here, cause you posted this in the wrong topic, and i’m pretty sure the wrong board too.

I can’t even understand your rant, first you say that macromedia is some super program that makes spriting and the like way easier, but then you say that you should use paint or buy an older version if you can’t buy the new one…

Wouldn’t it make more sense to just use paint, which costs like nothing, and is considered to be the program that only true spriters use, rather than spend any money to buy some program that just has a bunch of cheap tricks to make sprites better than they actually are?

Yes i am SO off topic. I used paint before and i find that if your not gonna make a sprite sheet (which i do agree is what “true spriters use”) your gonna want a Macromedia product. And lets not kid ourselves here, paint IS the most common tool, but give a n00bie Paint (i am a n00b at spriting… the SF2D team has to deal with my crappy asteroids LOL) and he will buy another product.

Daz I am really sorrry I made this can you please lock thit topic due to relevence to the demo and the faq’s and questions boardI will not make another topic like this. And for whoever wants to now I now post my sprites on the graphics board/ Dark Metroid 16’s sprites