Developers Closing

So I’ve been browsing around for lack of anything better to do and I stumbled upon the news that both Level 5 and Free Radical have shut their doors due to the god awful games Haze and Lair

Now this being on a primarily ninty forum most of you are probably asking yourselves “who really gives a fuck?” but the thing is Level 5 was rumored to be making a new Kid Icarus game for the Wii and Free Radical was ‘hard’ at work on Time Splitters 4 who’s rumored systems included the Wii. Now this news coming from IGN you need to take this with mountainous piles of salt.

Now I’ve come to wonder what you all have to say about this and if any of you have any insight into this…unfortunate turn of events


unfortunately doe to the lack of voice here, it was impossible to detect wether or not you are being sarcastic there CMC

sarcasm is not present here

Kid Icarus is win, Time Splitters is a trippy win of most exellecnt fun

knowing that there was going to be more makes it rather depressing to know that there wont be
ive been hoping for a new TS for awhile, and now may i say again


Aye, we live in worrying times.

Though admittedly lair was shit.

As was haze…
The first, like, twenty minutes kinda turned me off to the rest of the game.
Still sad though =/

Crappy games for a crappy console.

but TIME SPLITTERS :angry: :cry:


FreeRad aren’t dead yet, they’ve just gone into administration.

IGN so salt as i said

also I’m sure that there have been changes as things change pretty quickly