Developing Xbox 360 Games

developing a game(need a team)

yahoo- guyofblue
gmail- crunchypicklez
msn/hotmail- kltrowbridge1

just email me if interested ill fill in the details.
all you need to know is that this game is gona be BIG.


This isn’t a recruiting board for other games.


We need to know story, concept, and allot of other crap, including how you are supposed to do this…and how you are going to help.



I wonder if they make teams at Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo like this.

person1: "Hey guys, I’ve got a great idea for a game, Who’s with me?"
person2: "Could you tell us something about this game?"
person1: "No, It’s just going to be great! your in or out?"
person2: “…”

I don’t think so…
And I think you’ll have to approach game-making a little more serious, starting with some nice good proper English, and a lot more information.

I can’t tell if your new with the game-making stuff (couse I don’t know you)
But reading your post, I would say your kinda n3wb (Don’t hit me!)

I love the “need a team” in parentheses most.

Haha, yes!

Also, “Hey guys, I had a dream last night, I think it’ll be an awesome game!”

“Cool, I’m in!”

whoa awesome making an xbox 360 game! dude all these other games are like, pc only but a game on the 360, THATS HARDCORE. seriously.

this is like, going to be totally far out, man, this games gonna be BIG and thats all i need to know. im joining the team.



…wow…I’m just not sure whether I should laugh or cry…

May the edited post serve as some sort of guidance… <_<

Ah, I see. Okay, then that’s what’ll I do. >_>

Using Torque are we?
And you didn’t even buy your own indie license, right?

Well well.
I could help you if you pay me well enough.
But you can’t afford to hire anyone anyway. Right?

And I like the fact that you need a team. Like every body other ten year old that think that you can create your own game with stolen software and get filthy rich.

On a related note, developing for XBox Live Arcade seems to be the best way to get involved with game design. You still have to pay money here and there, but WiiWare, for instance, costs you something like 5 THOUSAND DOLLARS just to start developing.

Yes. XBLA is the cheapest way to go if you want to create console games.

… so is this game gonna be BIG or wat? dude post some screens!