Different Nes

What is the difference between this nes and the regular nes? :confused:

I have this one

Uhh, that’s… not a NES? Seriusly, is that a NES? Do you play NES games on it?


Wow, never seen that before.

WOW you guys obviously don’t know your NES history. Ok lets start from the Japanese release. Nintendo (originally a card company) made a system called FamiCom or Family Computer. It allowed you to read your email, im others, program in Family Basic, play games (of course), and a load of others. It was such a hit that, Nintendo released a version called the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in the U.S., which only played games. Again, the NES (with the Mario game that came with it) was a HUGE hit. By and by, the NES started to show some problems. One was the pin thing that reads your games. It has to be replaced sporadically or else your games won’t play. The size, was HUGE! It was nicknamed “The Toaster” because of it, the reason was the video games market crashed after the Atari sucked (like the prequel except worst). The cartridges were actually enlarged and made to go in the NES like a tape (for VCRs). Well, those problems popped up and Nintendo scratched their heads and said, ok, lets make a new one. Ta da!
You are actually the few lucky ones to get the newer version of the NES. It is the top-down version. It has a pin that was gold instead of silver so you will never have to replace it. It was much more compact and you can load it more easily. This version, however, was overshadowed by the SNES release barely a year later, so instead of getting the Top Loader, they saved their money and got a SNES.

The snes was made beacuse sega and nintendo was having a competiton and nintendo was losing. So nintendo decided to make the supernintendo that had lots of games and way better graphics.

Yeah i play nes games on it.Like Super Mario Bros,Super Mario Bros 2,Super Mario Bros,3 and much more!

i have 4 neses. one like that, the othere r broked.

prolly has to do with the pins sniper was talking about.

i like the original nes design that was never released in stores because no one liked it but it was like a longer slim ps2 thats slightly thicker

Somehow I figured they’d do something like this, but I never really looked into it. Thanks for the info, Sniper.