Dimension Shift

Hi, everyone. I’ve been working on a game called Dimension Shift for Stencyl, but before it releases, I’m going to program it in Gamemaker.

The game is mainly, and oddly, based off Pictochat. You are a stick figure drawn from Pictochat, and you can use the mouse as a stylus to draw platforms, walls, shields, portals, stairs, and more!
The storyline is about the Ninten System, much like the Solar System. It has several planets, including a Mario, Metroid, Zelda, and F Zero one.
The setting takes place in the future of a distant galaxy, where 3D has recently been discovered. Two dimensional games have been more popular until recently. This is one reason for the title “Dimension Shift”.
The Ninten System is very unstable due to the huge size of the 3D experiments. The planets are set in a way that they are all bound to crash into each other, at once due to a glitch. There have been countless attempts to save the galaxy, but it eventually happened.
The planet’s “dimensions” fused, to form one planet. The worlds can be accessed by countless spacial rips from the collision.
Your goal, as a figure made from Pictochat, is to separate the dimensions somehow to form individual planets again. Your only weapon is your stylus; so you need to be creative and think of ways to solve puzzles and beat bosses.


Is it even possible to get on that ledge?

Apparently, yes, it is.

Hmm… that scenery… looks quite familiar.

Download Mirrors:

Current Version - Completed First Area
Download: Will Host For Food
Vista Compatible: No [<2.00 MB]

YoYo Games Instant Play - Completed First Area
Play Now: http://www.yoyogames.com/games/show/31827
Vista Compatible: Yes

Mirror One - Completed First Area
Download: http://willhostforfood.com/access.php?fileid=19047
Vista Compatible: Yes [2.70 MB]

Outdated Versions
http://www.freewebs.com/omnicoder/ShiftTest2.zip - [2.0, Vista Compatible]
http://willhostforfood.com/?Action=download&fileid=16290 - [2.0, Not Vista Compatible]
http://www.verzend.be/v/1797516/ShiftTest2.exe.html - [2.0, Not Vista Compatible]
http://www.verzend.be/v/1999294/ShiftTest.exe.html - [1.0, Not Vista Compatible]

Thanks for playing!!

Very unique idea… Seems good.
I’m downloading it now, but my computer’s being slow, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to play it.

Edit: wow… So far the only complaint I have is that there is no restart level option (unless I overlooked it)

Wow, nice going! Its a great idea and like Zurginator said, the only flaw is no reset, but other than that, this game is really fun :smiley:

Grr, it gives me some weird error saying I need Firefox when I try to access it through… Firefox. O_o

I know I’ve played a game exactly like this before…
Maybe I’m just thinking of line rider.
It’s a VERY neat idea though, original or not, and I love all of those interactive environment games.

nono, i’ve seen this game before too, i think…

Theres a lot f flash games that simulate drawing environments.

You may even be thinking of the shift games.

That’s got nothing to do with what I was thinking of, but I just wasted a good hour of my life playing it.

Those games? Never heard of them. I called the game Dimension Shift so it would abbreviate to “DS” - like many other older Nintendo DS games.

Very nice made game…Great Idea…Good Plot…Letting nice levels and different puzzles…

I had played a game in flash with the same style…But not so much features like yours…


What is the music in that last game?
I know it from somewhere.

My only complaint is the lack of the WASD as a control option as i am on a laptop and even with a solid mouse WASD would feel alot better

WASD is in the newer builds, I’m a WASD lover too!
Anyway, DS is one cool-as-hell game.

The Music in the last game is from Naruto…

I preffer WASD control too…Much confortable…

Just one thing in DS…If you draw really fast you use much less Ink…Letting you draw a line across the screen with less then 5 Inks…Them you will hardly need to erase things to get Ink…
Otherwise…Its amazing…

The latest version has released.

Current Version - Version 3.1
Download: http://willhostforfood.com/access.php?fileid=19507- Will Host For Food
Vista Compatible: No [4.76 MB]

WASD controls, click to enter a door, new levels, music, and some level editing.

Very nice, very nice! I noticed that the background on Level 3 kept scrolling when I was up against a wall trying to walk.

Thanks, Mason. About that glitch… ouch. I better fix that right away. Thanks for pointing it out. :smiley:

Level 3 is funny to play with a stick figure… :smiley: …And its very cool to fade when diyng… :slight_smile:
The Goombas could be bigger…

Btw…Sometimes when you step on a Spike a bit higher you dont get damaged…

A few quick notes with the background. (Besides the glitch already mentioned.)

The objects in the background of level 3 move with the character, following him, which is in general the opposite of what you want them to do. You want the background to move away from you because, quite frankly, you’re moving away from them. If you have multilayered backgrounds you have the foremost one which moves away from the quickest, then you have middle which moves away a little slower, then far back, which moves little to none at all.

Picture it this way, when you’re driving down the highway and you pass a road marker, it zips by pretty quick, behind the road marker is a small lake, you pass it but it takes a little while to move past your vision, and behind the road marker and the lake is a mountain, which is several miles off in the distance, you’re still passing it but it doesn’t seem to move much.

Also, the hills have eyes. And the pupils are transparent.

damn i need a vista supports version >_>
plus i can’t try it now because i am at school