Disk Defragmenter

Is it possible to let me view the work in progress of the defragger? we used to be able to do it on our ME but vista doesn’t show a bit and XP isn’t much better. any options i can change or something like that?

You could try a commercial program like O & O Defrag.

will i have to pay?

will i notice a better performance increase by using a commercial defrag as opposed to the windows one?

Windows defrag is fairly crappy in comparison to other defrag programs.
I think either LastXP or LastVista comes with one, and it’s probably on their apps disk download.
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The apps disk topic is in the LastOS Updates, Apps, Builders & Mods board, I think.

It’s a couple gigs, if I remember right, but it’s worth it… they have some other great programs on that disk.

Edit: Oops, my bad <_< The apps dvd is in LastOS Releases.

do i really have to register JUST to view their forums? damnit i hate when that happens

Yeah =/ I’m not sure why, exactly…

damnit. i guess i’ll give it a try anyway though

Use Auslogics Disk Defrag.
Free and awesome.

and i dont have to register to some dumb forum i will never visit again >.>

woot computer is 9% more optimized!


wait wtf? 10 gb just fell into the void. i now have 20 instead of 30 free!


I now want to make a program/script/something that partitions off a random 10 gigabytes on someone elses computer across the internet for me to use as storage. That’d be cool and kinda weird.
Also, yeah <_< It made sense for ME to register because I go to the forums for updates/applications/etc fairly often…

I use JKDefrag, set as the screensaver. It’s far from the best, but it’s damn good for a free one.

I actually have JKDefrag and Defraggler… haven’t tried either of them yet, but I installed both of them. (…I’m hoping my system isn’t that fragmented yet.)

Oh, defraggler can defragment specific files or the whole disk. Again, haven’t tested it, but it sounds nice.