Do You Like Need For Speed

well people ust tale it like an racing game but i take it as that O_O and an adventure getting chase by cops…!! :O_O: :O_O:





I quite enjoy the NFS games. Some of them SUCKED. but NFS Most Wanted ruled. It was (and is) the king of arcade racing games. The story sucked sure, but it was fun. best racing game ever, Forza Motorsport 2. NFS Undercover was good too. It had a better story, but it got confusing at times, and it just centered around a girl with huge boobs telling you what to do in pointless cut scenes.


^that = fail^

no sir it is you who fail for failing to recognize the comedy here…also




Guys. Please show some self-control. >_<


I second Mr. Mod here.(But it is funny)

Well, see you in a week or so, PY. Hope it was worth it.

PYs response to his suspension.

PY is now an internet hero xD


Ok, 072, I’m done.

i believe a lock is in order xD

PY is my new favorite person.