Do you think

And all of my threads? Im trying to clean up random information of myself on the internet. I loved every minute of this place, but for the sake of my safety, I’d rathter not leave so much just lying around.

Thanks so muchf or all any of you have done for me. Im sorry for falling off, but I’ve moved on to bigger things.

I love you all no homo. :smiley:



Yeah how about you just keep posting and stop being paranoid >_>

Agreed <_<
What have you posted here that could possibly be that dangerous for someone to find out? “He sprites and plays smash bros!” Isn’t exactly dangerous information.

smash bros?!


Not necessarily. He could just have some solar panels hooked up on mars.

I’ve posted things on these forums that I’d really not have people look up later in life.

Like my real name, and records that people could use to prove it was me.

If I ran for president and people found “EVERYTHING” that I’ve done on all the various forums I’ve been on…that’d be very bad.

Just an example of why I can’t have ALL of this just lying around.

I love you guys, but I need to make myself dissapear from the spriting world for the most part. My smash records are already getting sorta numerous and I want to keep everything controlled.

Paranoia + God Complex… not good :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, you can delete the posts yourself if you have specific ones in mind. Our mods/admins appear to all be dead and/or busy, anyway.

Or both. While I believe Daz could administrate the fuck out of hell, it’d probably take up the majority of his free time, leaving less time to administrate us lowly mortals. I think lately we’re probably easier to administrate than demons anyway.

make that paranoia x 2

What the hellassballs? Red, seriously, nothing you’ve posted here is that damn important. >_>

And either way, no, I will not go through and delete every single post you ever made. I can delete your account if you REALLY want me to (though I highly suggest you rethink this), but seriously… if there’s any post in particular, you can delete it yourself. Or edit it to blank the info.

Hm… I wonder what could make one so wary of their online identity(ies) and history? >_> Besides being the leader of a country.

They posted pictures of themselves taking hits off a bong, cause that would destroy any and all reputation that they had beforehand. >_> (taking a punch at the whole Phelps controversy, in case you couldn’t tell)

But in serious, some of us have posted some really, really stupid shit in the past. Just take a look at my topic history. Not only was I total n00b, but I acted like one too. Ah, those were the days…of stupidity on a very real level.

Now, I’m stupid cause I want to be. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hah. Hahah. Heheheheh! Hahaaa. Fun! :smiley:

I see.

Lucky for me, all of those parts of my n00bhood were expended in mIRC chats and old forums that don’t exists anymore. The Wayback Machine didn’t capture enough depth in the labrynths of said forums to show a post that demonstrated my true past noobishness :stuck_out_tongue:.

But anyways, yeah, I can understand that.

The idea that people will actually care enough to Google me and look through ALL of my forum posts one day seems kind of asshattish. What have I done that’s that damn important?

So I can be stupid all I please. :smiley:
EDIT: Why is this in the graphics board >_>