Does anybody know....

Anyone know where I can find the Zero Mission subscreen sprites? If there isn’t one, could someone do me the HUGE favor of ripping it for me? I have an issue. All that work on the status/subscreen sprites for FoZ are too big :O_O: Please help… :cry:

Does this look like a request forum?

taken care of =D

But yeah, this should probably go in General.
Awaits admin move

no… this should be in the graphics board as it has to do with graphics… stop failing at categorizing >.>

i loled

anyway, why don’t you just us the Internet’s universal remote Google, I’m sure someone has ripped them and uploaded them somewhere.

as i said
taken care of xD

Thanks CM^^ yeah this is all done :stuck_out_tongue:

And trust me. There is very little ZM/Fusion rips for some reason.

i noticed O.o

Eh? TSR and TSGK have tons of rips from both games. More than for Super in some cases.

but out of all the graphics used in the games, there arent much