Doom vs Marathon

These games rool! Lets go back to a time where you and your enemies are 2D sprites, when 3D polygons didn’t exist.

I think Marathon would win, the guy has a bigger arsonel of weapons, and stuff.

The Marathon games were much better than the DOOM games. Including DOOM 3.

I’m I the only one here who played Marathon 1, 2 and 3 when the games came out?
Durandal was ported to Windows in '96 and was exactly as fun as the Mac version.

And the space marine can’t even dual wield weapons.

Dude. At first, I thought you meant “let’s have a multiplayer DOOM marathon”.

Which is an awesome idea.
Who’s up for it?

If my supposedly fixed connection supports ZDaemon again, count me the hell in. >_>

Though that should probably be a topic of its own, rather than hijacking another (admittedly tired and unecessary) one.

Marathon is way better, IMHO. Although I have to admit, I hate the level I’m stuck on in Durandal. I don’t like puzzle games very much (except Metroid. Love that.) and they made it really hard… Survival is fun though. BTW I play the 360 version.

Meh, my doom 3 game doesn’t like multiplayer for some dumb reason, but if we made it halo I’d be in. Or… counter-strike or call of duty or unreal tournament or… etc over hamachi.
As a matter of fact, Halo and Starcraft are the only games that actually ever LET me play multiplayer <_<

Eh, I never liked doom too much, and I’ve only played Marathon once… but I don’t remember anything about it. But while we’re on the subject, I was in love with Wolfenstein for, like, five years. Too bad I only ever had the demo.

edit:… or how 'bout a smash marathon, once a goodly amount of people actually acquire the game?

marathon is better and, a halo or doom tournament? count me in man (if halo it’d better be in CE)

blegh, count me out if CE, won’t fucking work for me -_-

Download this:
Unpack it, put it in your program files, open zlauncher.exe, put in a name/password, hit “new account”, and voila.

I’ve provided a deathmatch .wad, but post here if you’re interested in a coop of Doom 2.

Regardless of whether we’re doing DM or coop, we need a time and date. How about Thursday (tomorrow/today, depending on your timezone), at 5-ish EST?

My computer blows too many dead bears to play anything worth playing. I can’t even get Morrowind to work.

Turns out that didn’t work out so well <_< Sorry I was slow to respond, I didn’t have enough space to download the thing. I got it now, though. I’m good pretty much whenever. 5 est works for me on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, but they’d be slightly harder to work out monday, wednesday, and friday, just because of school and stuff.