Dread is back

I have a source:

Don’t quote me on anything, but there is an E3 announcement coming.

possible awesome?


That picture is a “source”? >_>

Hm. Hope it’s still 2D. The retro studios emblem makes me a little nervous as far as that’s concerned.

Retro said they weren’t doing any more Metroid. That’s not the dimensions for a Wii box. They’re already doing a Wii Metroid right now.

Pure, unadulterated bullshit. You, sir, have done been trolled by a mediocre Photoshop.

Also, Retro is allegedly working on Donkey Kong right now anyway.

No, but it is the dimensions of a 4x3 wallpaper, something that could feasibly be released with the announcement of a new game <<;

Also, doesn’t the Donkey Kong rumor carry about as much weight as this one at the moment? Or did I miss something that confirms it a bit more?

The guy who made this has already admitted it. >_>

You guys got trolled. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I knew when I posted it. Lawl.

Either the most feeble backpedaling ever, or the worst brag ever.

Either way, you’re a dumbass.