New DS…fun.
Really, I don’t see the point, just give me a GBA slot card with a camera.
Music? Pics? Web? I can do that already…
And I can use it as a phone…so…really, it kinda seems stupid to me.
What are ya’lls opinions?

A link would have been nice.


I will be getting this, my current DS can’t hold much of a charge, and the shoulder buttons don’t work.

For a while I thought the DS would have a lifespan not much longer than the GB series, it seems the DS is here to stay for a while.

It has an SD Card slot for “music and videos”, but we all know homebrew will be its main use.

Yep…Its a shame no GBA though… I love my GBA games…
I guess It’s all the more reason to emulate.

I also think that it is flat-out ugly.
Btw it’s 15% thinner than the light…how small are these things gonna get?

I don’t know, much smaller and you’ll be able to crumple it up when you sit on it or someone will use it to start a fire.
I dunno, I’m not terribly upset about the GBA slot anyway. It’s better than chucking a random third slot on there. I’m eventually buying an SP anyway so I can play multiplayer with people on older games, not to mention play older games like Metroid 2

Yeah…I was disapointed you couldn’t play those on it…
Unless you have a Super Card… :smiley:

it has an SD card slot, people will just put a GBA emulator on there, along with the other homebrew stuff.

Wow, that’s retarded.

My DS’s shoulder buttons still work okay, but my GBA’s don’t, so if I had one of those I’d be completely fucked for many of the old games. And I don’t see the point of cameras that pitiful, spec-wise.

And what kind of update gives LESS battery life than the previous two?

I’ll stick with my chunky old-school DS, thank you very much.


Video showing the camera features of the DSi.
It has facial recognition too, maybe its not so bad?

I will not be getting one I’ll just wait for the next gen after this one :confused:

I found out the DSI isn’t shiny. :frowning:
I love shiny.

The DSi comes out April 5th.
Who actually plans on getting one?

I honestly do plan on getting it.
My current DS is crap, I’ve already mentioned shoulder buttons and stuff.
Plus the DSi can load web pages faster with Opera. (Not sure if it’s built in or not, that would be cool!)

Ironically enough it would pretty much replace my Pocket PC for its uses.
I only ever use it for music and internet anyway. If they make a word processor app for it then it would be pretty much like an ultra portable laptop. (I’m sure home brew for the SD cards will fill that gap quickly.)

Yeah, I don’t know that I’ll get it right away, but it’s got enough distinct features and upgrades/additions from the original DS to be worth getting at some point, IMO. I’m particularly keen, as a musician, on the fact that it’ll let you record whatever you want to your SD card whenever - for song ideas when my laptop isn’t handy (which is very often) and such. Recording space on the phone is limited xP.

There were some other features I found unexpected, but nice. Assuming any given reader has the Wii, check out some of the preview videos on the Nintendo Channel. :slight_smile:

(And yes, the web browser is built-in.)

i wont be getting one
my DS is fine (no matter how many times i drop it down the stairs)
plus i mostly use it for the GBA slot
so without one its kinda just like…
useless <_<

i dont have many DS games xD

:astonished: That’s a sad thing to hear. There ARE some good GBA games, but you’re not taking advantage of the hardware (except the backlit screen, but of course SP had that)! You at least owe it to yourself to get a CF card, so that you can explore the DS homebrew scene, as well as get any game you want coughforfreecough ;P. Definitely not a purchase I regret; there are some pretty neat homebrew apps and games. I do still buy the better DS games, but I can see where you’re coming from at this point in time - there haven’t been many exciting releases for DS lately. Hopefully Moon will be good, and personally I’m looking forward to KH 358/2 Days, as well as a continuation of the MMZX series.

plus i dun has the monies tear

Awe, that’s unfortunate. 'Tis worth saving up for, nonetheless! That’s what I think.

also dont have any inward cash flow
i have 6 bucks in change upstairs i took from a pile of change from a fountain 3 months ago <_<

._. That suuuucks. >.> Much job-get, yes? xPP

no jobs around here, i live in the middle of nowhere

i’ll say hi to Courage for you