Dudes, you really should read this.

So, it looks like I will have som free time this summer.
You know what would be pretty pretty fun?

3D-models with low polycount and pixelart for textures.
I’ve made som Mario sketches. I think my version of Mario is a bit more bad ass than Nintendos’s version.

I can upload them for you guys tomorrow if you want.

I mean, think about this: I can create the models after your sketches and we can create the textures together.

I still have a lot to learn about rigging the models for animation but how complicated can it be with really simple models?

After that, how complicated can it be to whip together a short little game in Gamemaker or something similar?

I suppose it’d be a good opportunity to work on music.

I could actually attempt to whip something up in the CE3 FreeSDK using these. FPS is obviously the easiest to do, but I can probably make anything happen given enough time.

… So what exactly IS the plan for this ‘game’? Are we just sketching random stuff at this point?

Yeah, just sketching. :smiley:>

A short sidescroller would be fun. If we could use a 3D engine this could be REALLY fun!

So are we just designing new stuff based on Mario or what? I need direction here man!

No, not at all.
All I wanted to show is the style I’d like the game to be in.
I would like to see what all of you would like the game to look like.

I haven’t slept many hours this week but finally my project is finished and uploaded so all I have left of the first year is my presentation tomorrow. I guess that the lack of sleep made me write like haft the stuff I thought that I’d write.

Ok. What I would like to do is a sidescrolling platform game in 3D in the style of the images I posted.

It doesn’t have to be a Mario type of platformer or anything. I just want it to be a short game with a couple of levels and a boss. Just to show what we can do.

It could be really cool with hand pixeled textures.

That’s exactly what I had in mind when I read this. Low poly models with pixeled textures in HD can be a sexy thing.

I love that art style! I’d be happy to help with music :slight_smile:

So I was doodling… not quite sure what I was trying to make, and this guy just kinda happened.

Hah! Cool! :smiley:>

I didn’t finish it because I’m lazy, but I just did a really quick thing to experiment with some style-

My zero units of experience with digital painting and not having a tablet probably show a bit.

So using my character, I came up with a generic story that’s so bad it’s awesome.

He’s obviously muscular, right? Well what had happened was the evil fast food chains stole his gym equipment, so he has to go get it back. >_>

Barbel plates would be the ‘coins’, and the bosses would be various food mascots.

Terrible, right?

How about the fast food chains force feed him until he’s obese and the game is the story of his journey fighting the fast food chains, despite his recent weight problem, and slowly recovering his strength and physique?

I didn’t have anything better to do today so I finished it-

and did another one because I was bored-

Also, Unity is definitely an option. If any of you remember Sonic Fan Remix form a while back (I think it shut down though), it looks like simple sidescrolling platforming wouldn’t be much of a problem at all. And it would definitely be a lot better than trying to work 3D in GM.

Unity is a PITA to use for anything at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also: potential low-res mesh?

Photobucket destroyed it. It’s blurry!!!

What do you think of this paraphrase?
Mario is a strongman and Luigi is an acrobat. They work at a circus and one evening their line dancing ballerina is taken by a monster and our two heroes go after her. Luigi can double jump and Mario can crush enemies with his fists.

I’ve created a model and started to texture it. The sad thing is that it looks like something from a PS1 game. The texture is 512x512px and it will take like forever to pixel the texture. :frowning:

I’m definitely liking where this is going, and I’m glad you brushed off Zurginator’s thread jacking. Be sure to work with Phlakes on this project, as I’m certain you two could split the work load between you.

Interesting you find it a thread jacking considering:

Yeah Umbre that was a bit harsh. The impression that I got was that Liks wanted people’s ideas.