E3 2010

So, bitches, E3 started today as you should know, and all the announcements and demos and everything frankly scared the dick off me. See, I was playing with my pet tiger who I named Cliff, when he asked for a Lancer. I gave him one after I finished sticking a grenade into a hostage Locust and pushing him at another one, and proceeded to activate my cloak to avoid being killed by the humanoid aliens and shot a rocket at a big walker-thing. My suit froze and told me to put on my 3D glasses and I was met with an array of mega zoom-in gimmicks. When it all stopped, I was holding an armed Thermal Detonator to blow up this Sith dude who was about to kill me, and then some Jedi chick whooped his ass with a couple Force Pushes.

So how’s your E3 going?

EDIT: And remember when Sony and Microsoft were laughing at Nintendo over the whole motion control thing a few years ago?

I watched the whole Microsoft presser on spike, the Kenect demonstration was frankly embarrassing, though when they unveiled the new 360 a little light in my brain clicked on that said “do want nao”

and yes, Microsoft and especially Sony, due to the fact that their motion controller is just a Wiimote using different tech, are eating their own words now.

Gears looks great too, and how about that gray brown medieval sim cryteck is making exclusively for the 360?

Jesus, Nintendo dominated today, with the new Zelda, a Goldeneye remake, all the shit for the 3DS, and nothing like Wii Music.

And Retro’s new Donkey Kong Country.

Kid Icarus. Donkey Kong. Goldeneye. And fucking Kid Icarus.

I’m in gamer heaven.

Nintendo hereby makes up for any recent transgressions.

Oh god. Kid Icarus.

And Retrokong?!

Nintendo has just announced that Donkey Kong is on the comeback trail, swinging onto Wii this year in Donkey Kong Country Returns.

The game picks up where Rare’s much-loved SNES original left off. A side-scrolling platformer that rips along at breakneck pace is the result, and what’s more Retro Studios, the team behind the excellent Metroid Prime series, is at the helm.

In a gameplay demo shown onstage at E3,the game features a mix of classic Donkey Kong Country elements - shooting barrels, mine cart sections, banana gobbling and a host of mental enemies.

Retro has nailed the look of the game, with action exploding all around the screen, and some gorgeous effects. One sees Donkey Kong racing through a coastal level with the setting sun silhouetting him beautifully.

Nintendo has just released a huge list of the games that will be on the way to 3DS. They include new Mario Kart, Pilotwings, Animal Crossing, Paper Mario and Nintendogs and Cats.

And that’s just from Nintendo! Other games confirmed from third parties include Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Super Street Fighter, Ridge Racer, Sonic, Assassin’s Creed and lots, lots more.

The game, being developed by Eurocom and published by Activision, stars Daniel Craig as Bond and re-tells the GoldenEye story with a modern twist. It will be released before Christmas.

GoldenEye was famous for its multiplayer modes and the Wii version will be no different, with four-player local multiplayer (including many of the classic game modes and modifiers that made the original such great fun) and eight-player online multiplayer. This online multiplayer mode will let you unlock new weapons as you play more, much like the perks system in the Call Of Duty games.

Nintendo have announced details of what we can expect from their new 3DS handheld live at the E3 show in LA.

The handheld will have a widescreen 3D display up top and a touch screen on the bottom. As well as standard D-Pad controls, there will also be an analogue stick. The 3DS will also boast a gyrosensor and motion controller for more dynamic play.

A 3D slider allows you to toggle the 3D effect. You can turn it off, turn it on or alter the effect to any degree in between.

The handheld also boasts hugely increased power over the original DS. No specifics yet, but the Kid Icarus clip we saw looked comparable to a Wii game.

As well as playing games, you’ll also be able to watch 3D movies on the 3DS. No line-up has been announced yet, but Nintendo have How To Train Your Dragon running on the show floor.

The new system also has full Wi-Fi. New game content will automatically download to your 3DS without you needing to do anything, even if you are not playing a game.

Sounds, well, staggeringly cool.

Kid Icarus: Uprising is the first Nintendo game to be confirmed for 3DS.

This is great news for veteran Nintendo fans who have longed for Kid Icarus to return ever since the NES debut.

Even better, it looks amazing! From what we saw at the E3 conference, it looks like a Wii game and appear sto be a bit like Sin & Punishment.

You fly around taking out enemies with your bow and arrow. However, you only have the ‘miracle of flight’ for five minutes and there is some action on the ground with some big bosses showing up at the end of the E3 video.

Nintendo revealed that the Metal Gear Solid franchise is headed to its just-unveiled 3DS, with creator Hideo Kojima currently “experimenting” with what the new handheld can achieve.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata confirmed Nintendo is working with Hideo Kojima and Konami to bring the series to 3DS.

It looks very much as though Solid Snake himself is set for his 3DS bow, in a new spin on the excellent PS2 title Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

Kojima himself discussed his reaction to the 3DS at the conference. “I was told to sit down, and was given a Nintendo 3DS. Suddenly it became 3D.”

He then went on to describe a possible jungle scene, explaining how he could create foliage and creatures moving in 3D. Perhaps this is a hint at a return to the Cold War jungle setting of Metal Gear Solid 3…

In fact, the provisional title of the game hints at just such a setting, being Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D ‘The Naked Sample’, so we could be headed back into that humid greenery for the series’ 3DS bow.

Shigeru Miyamoto has just announced the title of the new Zelda Wii game. The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword is heading to Wii in 2011.

Featuring a cel-shaded graphical style somewhere between Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, it makes full use of the MotionPlus peripheral.

Among the new items Link will be getting his hands on are a flying beatle that can pick up items and a whip. Standards like the slingshot, bow and bombs return. Bombs can be thrown or rolled with the Remote.

Zelda: Skyward Sword will be out in 2011.

Nintendo has just confirmed that The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword won’t be released until 2011.

Nintendo’s US boss had previously said that the new Zelda wouldn’t be released until “it’s perfect” and it looks as if Aonuma, Miyamoto and the gang are working to make the game as good as it can possibly be.

I notice that on the presser that there were some technical hiccups with the Wii motion for Zelda…I am now much more cautions about the game.

Um, they have a year. That’s probably why it’s being held back. Knowing that team, they won’t release it until the controls are perfect.

Goldeneye remake is ftw.

3DS: Nvidia Tegra 2 rumor has been confirmed. Thing is packing some power now.

Retro on Kong? Count me in.

on the subject of the Tegra 2, is that better than the Wii’s card? also it seems weired that a nintendo console not have an ATi card

the whip isnt new for link

Companies don’t play favorites. Xbox was Nvidia, 360 is ATI.

It will offer performance close to that of the Wii, yes.

I’m definitely wary of GoldenEye for the Wii. Not too much information has been released yet, but my experiences with Red Steel and CoD3 for the Wii definitely makes me wary of FPS games on the Wii. Donkey Kong by Retro looks great though.

Huh. And here I was assuming E3 was going to be boring.

you, sir, were sorely mistaken

After watching all five press conferences I can say with certainty that Nintendo won this year.

you, sir, are very correct

Try Corruption before hitting the bag.


@ Zurg: yeah, I saw that, apparently they’re also doing Starfox 64, analogue control on 3DS is ftw

also zelda works much better than it did on stage link

I didn’t watch the press conferences or anything, but I saw all the cool trailers. I must say, Nintendo did rock. BUT.

Fallout: New Vegas.

I jizzed. A LOT. Thats gonna be so freaking awesome! I want SO badly.

Ha, Link, 'cause you’re talking about Zelda, wafflecopter.

And who was seriously disappointed by Valve’s surprise?


Donkey Kong Country Returns

Goldeneye 007

Portal 2

Gears of War 3

Find the rest yourself. I’m playing Mass Effect.

yeah, valve’s surprise was epic fail, portal 2 on PS3, zooooooooooooooooooooooooog

portal 2 does look awesome though, those tractor beams are awesome