Easter Eggs

Post any good easter eggs you found by yourself (none of the publicized ones)
I was playing Anarchy Online (Sci-fi futuristic MMORPG) and found the entire plot of the Wind Waker on a warning sign. Mind you this game is 15 years old:

I’ve found a few good ones in my day… but I can’t remember any. Oops :S

I’ve also seen some good ones, but can’t remember a single one >_>
I dunno. If you ever die on a Counterstrike map, go into free cam and just fly around, you see some really random shit written “outside the map,” where you can’t walk around.

Hm…kind of an Easter Egg, and the only one I can remember right now. In Battlefront 2, the Republic Troopers will same some pretty witty one-liners. I only heard this one once, and it was pretty good. I was playing as Darth Maul (hero mode and all that), and I heard one of the troopers say “Oh no, Darth Maul. What’s he gonna do, bleed on us?”

I lmao when I first heard that.

Never, dude. Doesn’t happen.

I lol’d.

Yeah, well, I put the “If” in there for those of us who still play against the easy bots who can only use the knife…
That’s the only way I can think of to never die, and it’s still very possible if you’re not paying attention and playing against 16+ bots <_<

GOW2’s toaster is the shizzle.

Red vs Blue marines on the second level of Halo 3 (crows nest…whatever I’m to lazy to check) that changes with the difficulty, the legendary one with Caboose being the funniest.

lol, yeah, that was great… but keep in mind these should be the less well-known easter eggs =P

Well… It may be safe to say that any good easter eggs are bound to become well-known >_>. Hm, I’m sure I’ve probably found a few in the past, but it’s been quite a while, and any I can think of are pretty well-known.

Yes, but I think we can avoid the painfully obvious ones XD
For instance, the Link cameo in Super Mario RPG.
Or like clicking a unit a bunch of times in Starcraft.

Although here’s one that might be lesser known… somewhere on the barrel trophy in Smash Bros Melee, “2 L8 4 ME” was written… that barrel canon one. With the arrow on it <_<
It was either on the bottom of the barrel or the bottom of the trophy.

Ah yeah, I remember that. That was back when I actually bothered to look at the trophies >_>. I wonder who stuck that on there and why?


I heard this from someone online… cant remember if it was on these forums or not but

french military victories
and click i’m feeling lucky on google.

oh wait is this supposed to be from games? oh well…

thats like going im feeling lucky with chuck norris