Enemy Sprites


Does P2D need Baby Sheegoth sprites?


Err… no. Wasn’t that discussed a bit back in this thread? Besides, incase you haven’t read the lastest announcment, we aren’t doing anyting outside the frigate until the demo is complete.


if anyone wants there things animated i can do a frame by frame thing if they have enough frames.
Its caled flash. yesh so just ask and ill be glad to help. :metroid: <<<<—Squee. Its happy. Just like me :smiley:


I made some Baby Sheegoth sprites, but I think someone else already made the before me… oh, well…


…Use these should you want to. I did not make the sprites, however I animated them. I give full credit to the maker:Dazuro Ghenari.

Flying pirate sprite. Must make it go higher…

Power Pirate. I like it, however it is a “power” pirate, meaning its beam should, in my eyes, go farther.

~~Wolf out


Those are outdated sprites no longer even part of P2D, and how the hell does animating them help in any way?


gee wiz get a life instead of yelling at people. Im sorry if im trying to help, i’ll be sure not to do it again.



gee wiz get some common sense instead of wasting are time. Im sorry if im trying to help you improve your foruming, i’ll be sure not to do it again.



Seriously though, sorry if you took offense to my comment up there, I was just saying that they were useless because…well…they’re useless.


Our Daz, not Are. <_<

Man that annoys the crap outta me. XD

…And so this isn’t entirely spam, I honestly don’t think anyone knows that those sprites are outdated. But accusing someone of not having a life for pointing that out… even if they don’t doesn’t make much sense.


The funny thing about this, is that those sprites were made by Dazzy himself…


Wow, M072. Way to entirely miss the point. I was mimicing his typing style. He used are, not me. <_< I’m a grammar nazi; you think I’d make such a stupid mistake?


No, hence me taking the time to create a post pointing it out. <_<


hmm wats that purple bombu’s name in the tunnels of the ice stage, i might to a sprite of it. of course i’ll need to know what angle to put it on.


Scatter Bombu.


I thought it was the pulse bombu since the blue and yellow one “scatters” energy around…


But the purple one scatters energy around it too. the yellow one drops energy pulses. hence, the name pulse bombu.


think i should make a sprite of it? cuz there wasnt one in the resouces and im soo board and i want to make a sprite. lol.


Might as well. You might want to recolor the P2D pulse bombu and then add the electicity.


thats 1 recoloured image. its the start of my scatter bombu and i think that other bombu in the resource section should be renamed pulse bombu. i will add lightning to. and i’ll post a sheet.


ya, they haven’t changed the name in the resource section even after many. many people reported that mistake… :sweat: