Enemy Sprites


On it, sarge.

E: Fixed.


this is how far i got so far. all i need now is the lightning


are’nt they supposed to be blue? not purple?


They’re purple, but not THAT shade of purple…


Aren’t the balls on the sides of it blue? And a little darker purple, yes. The lightning is that shade of purple.


the balls on the side r pinkish red. thats how it look on my game.


You sure your TV is working? I have a friend who’s TV makes blue look light purple.


ya its fine. i just searched it on google it looks the same… is ur tv fine


that looks like the other thing on the p2d website that someone else made it looks like a recolor to me


who ever made THIS did a WONDERFUL job the one flaw I do see is the legs look like they should be bigger to support the weight and might need to be smaller or have him squating


That’s because it is supposed to be a recolor. It needs to match the other P2D one. I was the one who told him to make it a recolor. And don’t double post.


seems ive been wasting my time guys. someone already finished scatter bombu over at SCU. think im gonna do the E tank or something.


that’s done. but funny, i’ve never seen the scatter bombu at SCU… Why do’nt you try some tiles?


wat r they?


Tiles as in tile sets are used when making backgrounds and stuff.


ya ok. as soon as i get registered for SCU. they wont vilidate me though…


I won’t tell the word, sorry, but I will give a hint, is that okay?



You’re searching for this word for a reason. And that would be to read the rules.


i didnt ask any question