Enemy Sprites


ok this is off topic but wat exacly were u guys talking about?


… I don’t even know where to BEGIN on answering that. The hell? Do you have the attention span of a bootleg Filipino grapefruit?


Philipino, Daz. And I can answer for him, yes.
Oh, forgot to add, bootlegged.


Actually, It’s Filipino CM. Daz was right.


Dude, I have a freaking Philipino friend who immigrated here from the Philipines. Just look on www.dictionary.com

back on topic:
Why haven’t I seen many new enemy sprites lately? I’ve looked on SCU and can’t find any…


Because we don’t have any to do. We’re focusing on the Frigate, and all enemies are just about done. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I’m redoing my pirates again.

And by the way, it can be spelled either way, so stop arguing about it <_<


At last, a legit update here!

Enjoy the new, improved… Injured Frigate Space Pirates! :smiley:


What is that bright neon green thing on his sholder


Do you, like, never pay attention to the pirates in the intro? They have glowing green wounds on their chests >_>;



It’s space pirate blood, since Daz didn’t exactly explain what it was in his last post >_>


Nice work Daz that looks awsome , maybe i should star6t working on my Phazon Elite again after the demo is done.


Looks good (even though no one would have time to see it by the time they fried the pirate in the game). I’m still waiting for the ones on the floor and the one that is dripping blood from the railing. It will be interesting to see how you do gore, daz.


The dripping blood will be a programmed effect, not sprited, to make it more natural…


Programmed? I’m sorry, but are you referring to particle effects or some other process that I am not aware of?


I think he means that instead of him spriting all the blood dripping down, he would just sprite one drop of blood (or use some sort of blood drop graphic thing) and have Destroyer F just program a bunch of those dripping off the pirate in the computer program. I guess you could call them particles, but it probably won’t be using GM’s “particle system”. Probably more effective and simple.


id do the energy tank but how am i saposed to post it at SCU?


The energy tank is already done I believe, and you have to register to SCU in order to post your sprites. Although posting them here is already a step forward as Daz and DF can verify the level of the sprite.

Also what does an energy tank have to do with Enemy Sprites?


the energy tank isnt done, it was abandoned. and they wont verify me for some reason.


You have to follow the instructions in the email you were sent.


they didnt send me no email.


I don’t know, but keep that off topic drivel out of this please.

To get back on topic…

New details and new poses make for a spiffy new full-power Phendrana style pirate, baby!