Enemy Sprites


You should be glad I even SPEAK English, otherwise you couldn’t even rage on me, don’t have such a short fuse, I don’t mean to be THAT much of an asshole.


If you didn’t write in english, you wouldn’t be on this board?
There are many ways of raging on people, translating foreign languages more or less accurately with the power of Internet is one of them.
If you didn’t mean to be “THAT much of an asshole”, then why did you do it anyway?


This ends here. Lennart, bumping old topics is against the rules unless the post is relevant to the topic. Next time, read the dates before posting.


ok :stuck_out_tongue:


If you guys are in need of new reference material I can get you T-Posed 1080p versions.

Quick Ridley example

Darn wings make it difficult to center him in the pic :confused:

Injured Pirate:


Damn space pirate, you ugly.