Enemy Sprites


Heh. Inever saved after that battle cause Meta-Ridlet is the best boss ever. Period.
I wanted some screenshots of him anyway :smiley:
And yes it is a phazon beam, I always use an AR while taking screenshots so that I can not worry about dying or I can get to a better angle.

Good luck with the sprite though daz :stuck_out_tongue:


I believe we’ll base him off the NTSC version as his added attacks looked really weird and unnatural.


ah damn. I thought that jump attack looked sweet in the speed run of Prime. oh well.


I have just officially taken over Ridley. So… yeah.

And dude, the attack is the same as one he does during the flight phase–it just looks rather stupid when he has no wings, IMO. I’ll sprite it anyway since we might decide to add it later…


Sounds like the jump attack would be really hard to dodge.


When will the ridley sprites be finished?


They could probably program it so he hangs in the air for a second like in the game so you can run under.

My estimate for the ridley sprites completion is:
“When they’re done”


Daz, do you really have to sprite it? Can’t you just take the wings off the flying version?


What do you mean?


i think he’s referring to the possibility of Ridley’s ground form jump attack.


Dazuro has not officialy taken over the meta-ridley sprites. It has personally offenended me that he would even say such a thing.

I am doing the Meta-Ridley sprites still, and will follow through on this.

And just to add, I have seen Dazuro’s re-worked Meta sprites, and they are farther from an accaptable point than mine ever were.


Hmph, I just forgot to update after we progressed in the conversation. I was to create the base pose of him, and am still working on it. Regardless of what you think of it, it’s far more accurate than yours in almost every way, and all that’s left is to make it flow together a bit better. It clashes a bit, too colorful, I need to smoothe it out. Then you can sheet it.


Hmph this.

(copy and paste the URL so you dont have to download it)

I fixed the problom you had with the feet, lighten the color and even made some arm animations and body ones.


sephi still got the skills :smiley: :smiley: Looking good man. How long until he is demo ready?


Well, considering that Meta’s appearence as a sprite is extremely short (its mostly gonna be a cutscene by MH, with only one sprites, so u see him when u walk in the room) I could say, anytime now.


It’s better than before, but the top of the head is too dark (IT’S LIGHTER THAN THE REST, DAMMIT), the feet STILL aren’t fixed (one toe goes a pixel lower than everything else, so he can’t stand flat), the wing shading is abysmal, his chest plate is light silver, not purple, and what’s this bull about new arm poses? They’re exactly the same as the version you gave me last time. He also is NOT supposed to have purple on his face.

And he still wants a hug.

Oh, and his colors are still too dark. Better, but still too dark.

“This is very accurate to the version in Metroid Prime” my ass. Mine may have been clashy and not quite flowing properly, but damned if it wasn’t 359805928390% more accurate than that tripe.


OK, Daz, let this down already.

Sephi has said he is working on the Meta Ridley sprites, so why don’t you just forget them and focus in your own?

Everyone in IRC and forums agree that Sephi’s sprites look awesome, and even if you are the sprite supervisor, I’m obeying the masses’ desire as for them being in the game or not.

Sorry, but being sprite supervisor doesn’t give you the right to turn down a sprite that has been approved by the rest of the community.

And before you try to tell me to STFU, just so you know that MH agrees with this, so by one way or another the decision is taken.

Please let’s try to not make a world out of this and just let Sephi work, ok?


I think Daz just has a problem admitting that some people can make better sprites than he can. Dude, Sephi’s sprites look awesome. In fact the only person I have seen this whole time complain about them ever since he started making them is you. Why don’t one of the mods just put a poll on the forum or something asking us which Ridley is better. Sephi, don’t listen to him. You’re doing great man.


CFX, whether or not the public likes it, it’s inaccurate and stiff.

Dark Samus, that’s not better than mine, so your comment is meaningless. Meta Ridley never wants a hug in-game. His face is not purple, it is not dark. His chest is silvery blue. Not one of those is accurate.


Dude, it’s a 2D model. It’s gonna look like it’s hugging itself no matter how you do it, and we all know Ridley isn’t hugging itself so what the difference? For my next comment, what is wrong with your eyes? I just looked at every face in corel presentations, and not one pixel on Ridley’s face is purple. This Ridley color thing is seriously getting old. Every time sephi made it light, you said make it darker. Now that he has the perfect shade, you want him to make it lighter. As for the chest, I’m not sure as of yet, give y’all give me a minute to download MP speed run and we’ll just see what color it is. So far, the only thing around here that’s inaccurate is your vision Daz.