Enemy Sprites


The face looks purple on my monitor. Maybe it’s got screwed colors. Either way, it’s just as dark as the rest and thus inaccurate anyway.

And I don’t mean he’s hugging himself. He ALWAYS has his arms outstretched. It looks stupid, unnatural, un-Ridley-like, and he REALLY looks like hes trying to hug someone.


Dude, I haven’t even played Prime yet, but even I know that that pose is there for when Ridley gets his chest armor smashed off of him.


He’s like that in every sprite but one or two…


I have to agree with Daz. Sephi’s sprites are well detailed (except the goddamn wings) but that’s it. The beam is horrible, the feet are gay looking and for God’s sake, Ridley’s pose looks like he’s trying to take a fucking shit. Come on. If you want that sprite, use it in another game where he’s on the shitter the whole goddamn time. And jesus christ, how the hell is he gonna look flying? Ubar ghey of the gayest degree of gay? x_x I mean, look at a screen of him flying. He does not look like he’s taking a shit. He looks like any sort of lizard with wings would when flying. Arms back, legs back, wings out, head forward, tail back. NOT arms in front, “I’m takin’ a shit here!” legs and a head which looks marginally deformed in placement. I’m sorry, people, but quit praising Sephi. Beyond detail, his sprites need work like few things I’ve ever seen. And dude, a newspaper would look right at home in his hands. Or Kraid. XD


Can you make a better one sewers? huh, can you? cause if you can’t then keep your opinions to yourself. And by the way, your ideas that you posted on the Metroid Net Mission forum, they were just as bad as the opinions you posted here.


I’m offended. No, really. I’m going to kill myself. -Suicide!- Seriously, if you think Sephi is a god, you need help. No human should be worshipped like that. Noone. And I can tell that since you brought my M:NM ideas into this, that you actually don’t think they’re bad. You just want to insult me :[


When the hell did I say I thought sephi was a god? I don’t worship him, I just have respect for him and his work unlike you. And yeah buddy, your ideas are bad. Menoknow88 on the forum thinks so too.


Hey Sewers, I think your ideas are great. Dont let enyone put you down, All of our ideas should be respected.


Thanks Zachtroid. Unfortunately, I can’t agree. :\ And Dark_Samus, you certainly kiss his ass enough. You have to insult me to show to your god that you are worthy of worshipping him. You also have taken the M:NM ideas cross-forum. That’s showing you’re at a loss of words to throw at me. Sorry. You’ve proven to me you are just kissing ass to raise your e-social status and maybe get some e-respect. Oh, shit son! Run out of things to insult me with again? Thank you. Shut up. Bye now.

Mod Edit - Notes to self are best kept in your mind. :imp:


Well, provided he answers I can (like everyone else) see where this is going. So, how about this: Sewers, stop posting about their comments, and Dark Samus, PLEASE don’t mention this again, or this “online bloodshed” will continue. Quite frankly, I don’t care if someone insults me for trying to keep the peace. So please, spriters get back to work, and forumers find another subject. The both of you have better things to do than argue about some petty series of pixelated misconceptions, and if you don’t thats your problem.


Slight problem with your theory there. If I wanted to kiss ass to gain e-respect and status, then why would I have been arguing with Daz?!?! And besides the fact, I could honestly care less about what any of these mods or admins think about me!
You want proof I don’t care: here it is. Hey mods/admins, its me varia_phazon_suit! You know, the guy that made the first argument in the forum about the fusion suits!!! that’s me. surprised you guys never figured that out.


I’ll continue if they continue to bash my opinion. As Zachtroid said, all opinions deserve respect. Although now I’m getting a bit contradictory, considering my post bashed theirs… it just didn’t seem complete without the bashing. Remove it until it’s just a complete opinion, nothing more, then see how stupid it sounds. Besides, I think I told everyone at the beginning of my time here to IGNORE my insults, as they are quite common and mean nothing personal until it actually GETS personal.

-EDIT- That explains alot, Dark_Samus… also explains why you took my comments so seriously and personally. Suicide, please. -Bows.-


ok, lets not start a war here. why don’t we drop it.
so… hows progress on the game coming?


Hopefully, yes. It all depends on how fast the makers can do it, mainly because it might get boring or too big to complete. Although that may be a possibility, I’m with these guys all the way. :slight_smile:

Sewers, please drop it. I know he’s a pain, but you have to bear it. Besides, I’m not one to judge, but there ARE alot of stupid imputent people out there.


I have some of my own, modified Super Metroid sprites for my fangame. I’d post them, but I have a problem with them that I can’t crack down: they do one full run of animation and stop, I have no idea why…


Heh… Actually I’m not using a “normal” animation program. Well, you see, in a game creation program called “GameMaker”, you can piece together images to form “sprites”. I can then save them through there as GiFs. Then, like I said, when they are used they do one rotation and thats it. :frowning:


Wow, I would be desprite enough to try :stuck_out_tongue: jk. But I don’t even have the full frames edited yet (1/2 of first suit ready out of four suits :O_O: )


Wow, that topic sure went to hell. Sewers, drop the insults. DS, drop the stupidity. Sephi, drop the overconfidence. I’ll drop the issue of Sephi being lazy, and MH, drop your pants.

… <_<


drops pants

wait…what now?


err…right back to buisiness.

SewersOfZebes, you are being warned on account of rude behavior and obvious fighting and disrespect towards another member. The addition of profuse profanity also ups your score to a “two click” warning.

Dark Samus, you also receive the same punishment, and you also flamed like a gasoline soaked rabid ape. Bringing other opinions into an argument just for the pure fact that they insult the other person is just plain infantile.

Now, please remind me how this topic derailed into a sh*tstorm such as this? Oh wait, it was because people can’t respect each others’ opinions! Daz, leave sephi’s sprite to him. He can take criticizm and I hope from now on be more accepting when something needs to be changed. But you do not have the right to take over his sprite. Meta Ridely is one of the last sprites we need a full sheet of. And don’t argue that the frigate scene needs him. I plan on doing that all in cutscenes, so as not to spoil the player by showing him the MR sprite early.

Now back to civilized discussion please.


Meh. I was actually wondering what Warnings do… I guess now I know, a little bit. I really don’t have an excuse, so anyone who was offended whom I did not intend to offend, I’m sorry. As for the one whom all of said offence was aimed at, grow up enough that I can speak to you (yes, I can smell a grudge from here, unless that was leftovers from MSN… damn Nick has bad gas) and you’ll find the apology waiting for you.