Enemy Sprites


So what? It’s not that we need him soon. According to the rules, he was an old, un-updated sprite, and thus up for grabs. That, and Sephi’s progress keeps changing everything EXCEPT what needs to be changed. Hugging has been a problem from the very start, and how many updates has it had now? How about the discolored face and chest? He’s too stubborn to realize his sprites are inaccurate. That’s the problem. Leave the sprite to him? Woop di doo, we’ll have a horrible and inaccurate Ridley in the game. Sounds fun :unamused:

And let’s not forget the feet. You wouldn’t believe how hard it was to convince him the feet were unusable before. Wait, look! They still are!


But fine, if you insist, I’ll drop it until we need the sprite done.

Because I can just about guarentee it still won’t be ready by then.


Now now Daz. We don’t need anymore fights. Just… leave it go or something. Come on. I’ll be your best friend…


Like I just said, I’m dropping it for now.



Could we make CONSTRUCTIVE criticism? I understand avoiding the bashing, but could I make a few normal comments? Plzkthx?


Well, since we seem to be on the topic of my ridley sprites, ive been doing a little work on them. Working on the issues, such as color. In fact, the color is now almost back to the brightness of the original sprite

Once again, copy and paste.

And the feet should be fine now.


I like those. They look 3D, even though they’re 2D.
Sprites that achieve that effect without those gay 3D glasses=AWESOME.


Sephi, MARKED improvement. The legs no longer look as if he is taking a crap in flight. The arms actually LOOK like he’s flying. Wings still suck (Though I can tell you ARE fixing those), and the head’s placement still sucks :[ Still. HUGE step forward. HUGE. Suggestion for the head placement. Make the neck have an entirely straightened out pose for streamlined flight, I.E. the “driveby” Kinetic Beam Launch.


Very Nice…
I can’t imagine what the completed sprite would look like…
Keep going. It’s getting good… ( Well, you don’t have to do it during the night that is…)


WHOAH! Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about! VERY nice work, Sephster.


His chest plate is still the wrong color, as is the top of his head. The wing shading still needs work, too. Oh, and his fingers/toes have even more terrible shading.

But other than that, suh-WEET!

… He’s also missing quite a bit of purple on his legs, however. Oh, and the inside of his mouth is reddish, not grey, and his teeth look odd.


This one’s color is far more accurate. He may look shinier on the old one, but look at him in Prime. He’s almost black, not a bight silver.


He’s not made of metal. He’s wearing armor.

Anyway, regardless of whether he’s metalic or not, making it that bright is really inaccurate. In-game, he’s very dark grey–and the ONLY part that shines is his chest, and his forehead.


Daz, STFU ;\ The teeth are fine. Coloration sucks, shading on wings is non-existant, and I think the one arm is like PURE GREY with deformed fingers… but why the teeth! THEY LOOK FINE DAMMIT -Begins to launch leftovers at random. Whole board ducks for cover, as Daz is spattered with 6 month old lunch meat cooked in some strange old brew…- (438457 kvlt jvdenkrvshr points for those who can spot a reference to something in the action… If that didn’t give it away, joo r vnkreeg vnd mvzt b pvnizh3d.)


Actually I agree with Daz, the teeth really do look kind of odd. I could’ve sworn Meta Ridley was infact made of Metal. shrug Oh well, I do like what I’m seeing aside from the stuff Daz pointed out (His chest plate REALLY bugs me at this point). Other than that, for a WIP, that is comming along nicely. Stilll needs a few touchups here and there, and the wings still could use work on the shading. Other than that not bad. I’m sorry if I sound like I’m slamming you, but I’m really just offering my oppinion on things. I’m not a spriter, so I really don’t have much of a say as far as how bad it looks.


In order to make him look metalic, he doesn’t have to be brighter, but HIGHLIGHTS have to have more contrast. So the range from one area of shading should be larger. For example, white streaks as shine on his body, while the next color is a relatively dark grey, such as the current color he is. Id needed, I can give an example by making a small edit of one of sephi’s ridley sprite.


I totally agree, that would make it look good. But remember, not all of him is shiny. Some parts of his armor are dull. The top of his head and chest are the shiniest, but there ARE other highlights.


Scarabs: done.

Parasites: done.

I’ll work on Plated Parasites and Ice Parasites soon! I’m still on the fence about doing Triclops. I’ll tell you within a week if I want to still do them.


Aren’t triclopes done?




I remember seeing them a while back. MH remarked that they looked like resized screenshots of them because they were so accurate.