Enemy Sprites


No idea about the omega pirate, but this triclops does look good in my opinion.


Holy crap! Is that an outline on Meta-Ridley?


Oh Dear Lord! I just noticed that too! Sephi has ruined the sprite! -Cough- Just kidding :[


The Triclops there look good… ( To me if anyone disagrees. )

There’s an outline on meta Ridley? I’m looking at it again…
Some parts aren’t for all I can see… The Claws on the feet aren’t…
The outline might be a really dark grey that looks like black…


Omega only has three sprites as of yet, and I don’t want to release them just yet. ^^;

By the way, Meta Ridley doesn’t belong here. Bosses are a separate thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus he’s not complete, and it’s a thread for complete sprites.



Weres this outline im hearing so much about?

Edit: Oh. I see, the slight outline on the meta-ridley. Its always been like that.


I didn’t really noticed it anyway…
I don’t know…
There may not be any anyway… … …


Yeah, but I remember people complaining that it didn’t clash with the style of the game.

Another concern is that someone will say that I did resize it. (which is total bullshit if you had the intelligence to actually resize it and compare it)

So, I have decided I will do the triclops using the same outline, but much fewer colors. That would give it the pixel style that this game uses and it won’t look as much like the reference. It’s annoying that if you try to use a lot of colors to draw from a reference, people will mistake it as one. And if one person complains it will just draw attention from Nintendo. Get it? We don’t want Nintendo to shut this down because some jerk says we stole sprites.

I’ll remake it in other words, so don’t take it.


Dude, Nintendo doesn’t care about this game. They know about it already, anyway. And that triclops kicks ass.


Scarabs: done.

Parasites: done.

Triclops: done.

I made some changes to make it look more ‘pixel’ like and improved the walk cycle of it.



I still am making Ice Parasite and Plated Parasite.


Triclops is nein. the lowest part has to be the feet. the lowest row of pixels is what makes contact with the tiles. Right now his head would be that part, and his feet would be up in the air.

He also still looks like he’s not going exactly sideways. He’s moving slightly turned toward us. Yeah…still too many colors.


I just noticed that…
Well. After MH pointed the feet thing out and I agree,
It’s that way with Gmaker…


Actually, it isn’t necessarily. It’s just where you set the bounding box.

Also, the feet movement look really weird :confused:.


The trilcrops has always been like that, that’s part of the reason why I wanted to remake it. But a lot of people like Daz said it was good. The moving part too. The color part I even said I wanted to change but Daz said it was fine. Remember, Daz and Tima are the judges, I am just doing what Daz said.

I had no problem remaking it. It’s just rare that I have a snow day to do it. :confused:

Also, the part with the pixel isn’t always true.


I just mentioned about the pixel. (check my post. It isn’t the bottom of the sprite, it’s the bounding box)


Apparently, more triclops. XD


Just be sure to make it absolutely side view. And less colors. I’m not saying it is, but it still looks like a resized gallery image, which isn’t necessarily a good thing in this situation. It just doesn’t look like a sprite. Sorry if this is a hassle.


You’re right… I guess I was just blinded by how accurate it looks. :frowning:


At least accuracy isn’t all bad…


Yes, accuracy isn’t all bad. By the way, if it is so accurate it could be used for scans. Or the gallery, maybe?