Enemy Sprites


Is the art gallery even a definite?


20 colors… that’s a few less. :wink:

The tusks point which touches the ground is even with ALL of the feet. It looks nothing like the scan pic. -.-

Sorry if you don’t like it, I will change whatever you want, it’s not a problem, MH.


Yay! Now that`s a good triclops!


That’s uber!


It’s perfect, Illy! :slight_smile:


Wootrz. Awesome Triclops. Just a question, would you ever consider making that into a mechlops? Not much would need changed besides palette, so…


Welp, mechlops are more boxish and also have a metallic luster as oppose to shiny. Difference? Metallic has sudden, irratic changes in lighting as oppose to gradual, even changes.

I’ll do it some day. >_>

So MH, are the parasites and scarabs fine? I want to know what is cleared.


Sure are. Thanks, man!


Truth exists here. I said “not much besides the palette,” implying more would be done, just the palette would be the biggest part of it… and besides, couldn’t metallic shine be done with shrewd palette adaptation? Not asking you to actually do it, just asking. And it’s erratic. :stuck_out_tongue:


YaY! It’s an excellent sprite! It kinda looks like he’s dragging his tusks on the ground though… :mrgreen:


ALL RIGHT! THAT LOOKS AWSOME!! Keep up the good work! :metroid:


Hmmmhm… theres one thingie thing: remove the outline in the upper part of it… maybe change it to brown and not remove it. It would look better.

BTW apart from that… it rocks :stuck_out_tongue:


It has an outline. Wow. Even I don’t pay that much attention.


What the hell…?


Yes! Daz is here to STOP THESE F***ING SPAMMERS. :angry:


Why don’t we copy the metroid forum symbol? :metroid: i can imagine this thing,(exept smaller) for a metroid.
:metroid: :metroid: :metroid:


That IS the metroid sprite we’re using. Where do you think we got it?


Sorry! I’m brainstorming BUD! Give me some kenetic room! I like to think! :sweat:


Where do I sign up to be in the p2d team? I really wanna be in. I make good sprites.


First of all, they’ll want you to prove it. Second…there aren’t that many sprites remaining. Maybe 27 different things, some of which are actually being worked on although the sprite list says otherwise. (Timaster’s not around to update it right now.)