Enemy Sprites


LOL ya, I tried too but I failed horibly and the p2d members flushed me down the toilet. J/K :smiley:


I’ve made a new topic about it: http://s3.invisionfree.com/MP2D/index.php?showtopic=445

Read the rules well!!!



Eh, we lack sprites posted here, and the design is finally complete, so I thought this might be a nice sample to start off with. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m telling you, it needs rivits in the shoulder swoosher-things. >_>


I tried. I couldn’t get it to look right. >< I might try again later, but sheeting him is more of a priority.


The earlier you do it, the less work you’ll need to do later on. :stuck_out_tongue:


I keep my sprites in pieces. All I have to do later is copy-paste the differently angled rivets onto his new poses. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t keep my sprites in peices, I just copy what I want to change, edit out what I dont want in there, make the changes, and replace. That way the body, legs or arms don’t get too disoiriented. I’t still may take a lot of copy&Paste to fill the pirate charts, since they do have tons of poses.


Browsing through the latest sprite animations for the enemies. Holy wow! They give a nice teaser of good things to come. Too bad we are not privy to a greater indepth look :cry:, though I’d rather see less now and have a more unique gaming expierence when all is complete :smiley:. Waiting for P2D completion is almost like waiting for the birthday presents. Really cool when it/they get here, but when it/they do another year is gone and so is all the anticipation.


Guys me and slothien are still doing the PE right? Cuz he has progress and so do I …

Want to see?


Most hardworking and astute Zapper of Metroids,
That would, is, and will be a most absolute and astounding Yes. Observance of your endeavors most appreciated.


What’s PE?



Um… sure. >_> But not in this topic. This is for finalized design samples.


Oh, thankyou.


And, 072. Phazon Elite.


Here you go.


That’s looking kickass, but… the standing pose is stiff, the slash animation lacks frames, the last slash pose arm band shading is upside down…

And I said to post it in another topic >_>


Sorry for posting it here but the slashing i dident make it slothien made it and i made the front pose and fixed a few thing on the slashing.


Daz is right, alot of the movements need more poses. And in his standing pose, his legs are to close together, and lack muscle.


Plus, his chest is at 3/4 view but his feet are both flat side. Do one facing kinda forward like on the normal elite.