I want 1… or 10. xD


Most exciting thing on it is DDR3 <_< Other than that, it’s not much better than my mobo. I actually like mine more.
(I was half expecting to see USB 3.0 on it…)

…why would you want 10 motherboards? <_< >_>

That, i7, Tri-SLI, 8.1 channel built-in audio, and it looks really nice. xD

tri-SLI’s been around a while though, hasn’t it?
I’d also need to put in my own sound card anyway, thanks to my headset’s surround sound system. Damn creative and their proprietary crap.

It has, but few boards support it. And with the x58, only like 50% of the boards support SLI at all, only Crossfire. :confused: